Monday, May 13, 2013


Once I had my mare picked out, I tried to help Jessica find a horse that she would like.  She had a lot of requirements and none of the horses seemed to fit into all of them.  We marked down the ones we thought looked good and then headed into the arena to watch them send the horses through the pens.  Seeing them move would help Jessica to decide since she is a dressage trainer. 

We watched them all go through, pen by pen.  My feelings hadn't changed about the black mare and Jessica's feelings didn't get any stronger about any of the horses that came through.  We just had to wait and see what Friday would bring.

Thursday night we got a good sleep and I woke up at 6 in the morning on Friday, ready to go.  I had a good breakfast and we headed out to the stock yards again.  The first thing I did was head over to see my horse again.  Of course she was still there.  I hung around her pen for a while and watched as people made notes on all the horses in the barn.  If someone would stop at pen 4 I would inform them of my pick... I'm not shy.  They would all agree with me that she is a nice horse.  I would then inform them that they were probably too tall to ride her therefore they shouldn't worry about bidding on her... haha.  Most of them seemed to understand my desire to take her home.  Meanwhile, Jessica was still trying to decide on a horse.  There was a cute little bay mare in the pen with the horse I wanted that she was thinking about.  I thought it was a good choice, but Jessica was hesitant because she didn't really want a mare.  Time seemed to be crawling by, but we finally decided it was time to find our seats around the auction pen. 

It seemed like ages before the auction got underway.  I was glad I wouldn't have to wait long for my horse to go through.  The first pen sold pretty well and I think only one horse got sent to pool.  The second pen did okay and a few horses were sent to pool.  None of the horses were bringing more than $500 so that helped to ease my nerves.  I had $900 to spend if I absolutely needed to.  I was listening to a woman in front of us talking with her trainer.  She had said that if she found a horse that "floated" then she would open up her pocketbook and get out her credit card.  I was a little worried that her and Jessica might go after the same horse if it happened to come through.  Pen 4 was up and the bay mare that Jessica was thinking about came flying into the round pen, she did a flying change and then broke down to a beautiful extended trot.  I heard Jessica say, "That's the one" and I knew we were in trouble.  The bidding started at $200 and started to climb.  Of course the woman sitting in front was the one bidding against Jessica.  Jessica bid her all the way up to $900 when she realized that was too much to pay.  She was so disappointed when the woman in front of us took her for $950.  I just hoped the same thing would not happen to me. 

I didn't have much time to console Jessica because my horse came in next.  I waited until the auctioneer started at $200 and then I raised my hand.  Someone raised the bid to $250 and I followed at $300.  I was quick to raise my hand as fast as I could so that whoever was bidding against me knew I meant business.  The bidding finally stopped at $500!  She was mine!  I was so happy!

To Be Continued...

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Gives me goosebumps! I can't wait to see your mare and hear the rest of the story!