Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a few more days...

Horse Fair isn't far now. I just want it to be over with. I am ready to get on with my life and give Oakley a break. My plans are to adopt her back and put her out to pasture for a month or two to let her go back to just being a horse. I am going to disclose all the information I have on her on her stall and before the auction so hopefully people will keep the bidding down and let me keep her. I can't imagine too many people will want a horse that is cold-backed and hot like she is.

She is still progressing, but every day we start at the same point where she clearly isn't happy about having me on her back. She works through it and gets down to business, but I don't know how to get her over the first 5 to 10 minutes of attitude at the beginning of our rides.

I was talking to Jessica Davis and she told me that we are always given the horse we need, not necessarily the horse we want. Oakley is both for me. I wanted a small, dark, athletic horse. Perhaps that type of horse just comes with a spitfire personality like Oakley's. If I can get her to actually work for me she will be amazing... and in all honesty, she is making me a better trainer. She is helping me to control my emotions, which was a goal of mine for the competition. Emotions really should be left out of horse training. Anger comes from frustration, and I have gotten past being angry on the back of a horse just because I can't figure something out. I have learned to stop and think, be more creative in approaching what I need to do in order to get my point across to my horse. I am still frustrated about certain things with Oakley, but that's only because I don't have all the solutions yet, but they may come in time, and I am not angry at her for being the way she is. I am still learning though and I make mistakes too, but hopefully I am prepared for the horse fair and the competition.


Judi said...

Best wishes for the big event. I have enjoyed reading about your journey, so hopefully you will bring her home and I can continue to learn from your experiences.

She seems like a good horse who just needs more time. I so hope you can buy her!

Author of "Trail Training for the Horse and Rider" and "Trail Horse Adventures and Advice"

jemsfriend said...

Just show what ya got Jess. Hopefully you get plenty of warm up time. We will be rooting for you.

Paint Girl said...

That will be so great if you get her back and then be able to continue her training!