Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Horse Fair Continued

I was relieved that Friday morning's events were over and I had some time to relax... but not much.  I went and got a pork sandwich and sat in the coliseum to watch for a little while.  I had to help with the Mustang Breed demo though, so my time off was short lived.

After the breed demo I went back to check on the scores.  It took a long time for them to be posted.  When they were finally up I found out that I was tied for 10th place with 67.5 points.  The first place competitor had marks in the high 80's.  I felt that my ride was a little better than what I was scored, but then again, maybe it was just good for Oakley, not necessarily good compared to the others.  There was questionable scoring throughout the weekend though and I try to just be happy with the scores I've been given.

Next it was time to get ready for the handling and conditioning portion of the competition.  This part required us to lead our horses into a roundpen, unhalter them, walk out, reenter, and catch them.  The judges also scored on coat and body condition.  I was 11th to go so I didn't have too much waiting.  Oakley did okay.  She did what I heard a lot of the horses did, when I released her she stuck her head down and started eating the dirt.  Weird... When I came back to get her I was hoping she would respond and walk up to me, but not that day.  She put her head up to look but then immediately went back to licking up dirt.  I approached her with my arm out and she startled a little when I touched her, but she didn't step away.  I haltered her and walked her to a sunny spot in the round pen so that her coat would gleam for the judges.  Again, I felt as if things could have gone better.  Oh well.

I had about enough for the day and I was ready to get home and go to bed.  I was hoping I would be so exhausted that I would be able to sleep.  I put Oakley away for the night and drove home.  Unfortunately, Friday night was a repeat of Thursday night and I didn't sleep much.

To be continued....

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