Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do you miss me?

Well, if you don't come here for me, then you must at least be missing Oakley. A lot has happened since my last blog post. I have been riding only in the dressage saddle, and the first time I put it on things were pretty bad. Oakley is not a fan of the feeling of closer contact that the dressage saddle offers. I am uncertain as to whether she is afraid of being pinched as was happening in the western saddle or if she is sensitive somewhere else due to other issues. Ulcers have crossed my mind. Then again, it's only at the beginning of our rides that she is touchy. She works really well after she's had some time to warm up. Maybe I need to call her bluff? Maybe it's not a pain issue... I really wish they could talk sometimes. Then again, I can't imagine Oakley would have too many nice things to say about me, haah.

The competition is creeping up on me. Just about a week away. My stomach is already doing flip flops. I am not going to accomplish all of my goals with Oakley, but I hope to at least be able to conquer all the required obstacles in the competition. Hopefully she'll be having a good couple of days by the time the competition rolls around. It's tough to say with her.

I will keep plugging away. I'll be sure to update when I know my schedule for the Horse Fair. We find out our order of go at the trainer meeting next Thursday.

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aurora said...

I miss you & Oakley! I have a semi-quarter bar Western saddle you could borrow for Fair, that might work well for Oakley? I know you've already had saddle offer's, but if you change your mind Diane C knows how to get a hold of me. If you are interested, you could see the saddle in my earlier posts on my equine expression blog (it's a dark, heavy older Circle Y).

Anything you've accomplished with Oakley, is more then most anyone in the audience has done. What works best to calm your nerves? Wishing you two the best of luck!