Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend and Monday

The weekend went by fast! It was pretty good. Saturday I only worked her once. I had some guests out so I just showed them a little of what she knows. When I rode her I just walked to let her know that forward can be at a slower speed too. We did lots of bending and flexing.

Sunday was the breed demo practice for Midwest Horse Fair. I loaded up Remington at my barn and then headed over to the other barn to get Oakley. I got there a little early in case she decided not to load, but she did awesome. She walked right in with no hesitation. Rem was in the trailer but we put the dividers back in so she was a little nervous when I went to close her in. She got over it though and trailered like a champ.

When we got to the Farm I unloaded Oakley and walked her through the barn aisle and into the indoor. She led really well and stayed with me which made me happy. I tied her in the indoor and then went to get Rem. I grabbed Oakley and hopped on Rem and ponied Oakley the whole time. She did really well. She had a few scary moments, but for the most part she was well behaved and tried as hard as she could to act domestic. At the end of practice I had Rem and Oakley walk over an old mattress. Rem has done it before but this was Oakley's first time. She went to follow Rem over it, put one foot down and then leapt straight into the air. It was like those coyotes you see pouncing in the prairie. I wish I had gotten that on video. Once she figured out the sensation wouldn't suck her into a black hole she walked over quietly, just like Rem.

Today I used the bit for the first time. She wasn't too thrilled when I bitted her up and I had to get after her for wanting to pull her head away. Friday I had put it in her mouth and let her carry it, but didn't attach reins. She did okay but she does a lot of head shaking when I pull on it. I know that will stop as time goes on. Tonight I went back and just groomed her and worked on some desensitizing. She still spooks when I approach too quickly or when I break contact and then make it again in another area. It's just something I have to deal with because I know time and repetition will be the best remedy. Treat them how you want them to be, not how they are. Words to live by :-)

Here is a recap video of the first 2 weeks with Oakley. New riding footage at the end :-) Enjoy.

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Kara said...

She looks great! Can I send my mustang to you for training? Just kidding! I do wish I was further along on mine though!