Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update - Less than 60 days left

Oakley's training is going well. I haven't had a whole lot to update about because I am working on making all of her new information solid. So that's just a lot of repetition of the things she's already learned.

Yesterday I hauled her over to my reining coach for a lesson. I just wanted someone on the ground to help me out and maybe see some things that I might be missing. It's so nice to have someone tell you what to do instead of always second guessing yourself when you come to a situation you're not sure of. We worked on teaching Oakley to find a circle and stay on it and also lots of bending and flexing. We even started some turnaround exercises. It was a good lesson and a good experience for Oakley.

I started to body clip Oakley today. She stood pretty well for it. Unfortunately when I got to her belly my clipper blades dulled out and I didn't have an extra. I knew I should have waited and given her a bath... oh well. I will make sure when I resume that she is 100 percent clean.

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