Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soft Landings and Wolf Teeth - Day 12

I was tired of having no video of me riding to share on the blog so I decided I was going to set up the camera in the arena today. I got Oakley out and did some free longeing and then saddled her up. I wanted her to be a little fresh because I wanted to try loping today. Good or bad idea? Ha... well it all worked out in the end. I got about 3 minutes into my ride before Oakley wanted to go one way and I wanted to go another and she decided being pulled on warranted a buck or 5. So I stayed on for a few, until my coat got hooked on the saddle horn. Then I figured it was probably time to part ways with my bronc. Luckily the sand is soft. Oakley was fine after that. I think she just got a little scared. It wasn't her fault and I wasn't upset with her. I was more entertained than anything. And of course all I could think about was my reining trainer, Andy's voice in my head saying "You shouldn't have gotten on! She was too fresh!". That's usually what he'd tell me if one of the colts I was riding for him bucked.

After her episode she loped around like a good pony and I felt good about her progress. The vet was scheduled to come out around 8:30 so I unsaddled her and put her back in her stall.

When the vet arrived he took care of all the coggins and vaccinations for the boarding horses and got around to the mustangs teeth last. Oakley had 2 top wolf teeth and some sharp points. She was a pretty good patient and cooperated well.... under sedation obviously :-)

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aurora said...

Video shows great progress! Surprised she launched you, when things were going so well. Of course it doesn't take much to set a green horse off. Glad you didn't get hurt, hopefully not too sore either.