Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rest of Day 6

I finished up day 6 with a short session on groundwork obstacles. I brought the bridge, the tarp, some cones, and the big soccer ball into the arena. Oakley handled all the new objects fairly well. She was similar to Remington in not being sure how to lift her feet up onto the bridge once she got up close to it. She just wanted to stare at me and not lift her feet up. Once she figured out that I wanted her to cross the bridge she decided that her best option would be to jump it. Ha. I had a discussion earlier with my friend Amanda about Oakley's long stifles. Amanda thought that might make her a good jumper... she was right! She jumped the bridge about 10 times before I decided to put the tarp down in front of the bridge to slow her thought process down. It worked and she crossed both nicely. This is definitely something I will have to revisit. Other than that she did wonderful. She is still more concerned about my actions than the objects around her... good and bad I guess. I want her to be able to focus on the tasks I give her, not just where I am in the arena. But it is nice that she tries to keep an eye on me at all times. Well I am up too late as it is so off to bed I go. Enjoy the short video. (My camera is still dead, never replaced the batteries so it's a cell phone video - not the best quality)

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