Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I forgot what day it is...

So I am not sure what day we're on, but I know Oakley is doing well. She is exactly where I wanted her to be at this point in the game. She still has wild moments here and there, but relatively speaking it's still very early. Sometimes I wonder why she is the way she is compared to some of the other mustangs who seem pretty mellow. A friend of mine reminded me that some of the mellower mustangs have been in holding facilities longer or even since they were born. Oakley's capture date was Dec. 30th 2010, so that's a little over a year that she's been out of the wild. She spent almost 2 years of her life in the wild.

I am still doing the same routine with her that I've been doing. Riding in the morning, groundwork in the evening. She is starting to seek out the rest under saddle, which is good for stops. She still isn't convinced the bit is a good thing, but she improves each ride. She is much more comfortable with me on her back than she is with me on the ground. We've had a few hairy moments where I ended up gripping her tight with both legs to hang on and she hasn't lost her mind when that happens, that's a good sign. Those moments usually occur when she thinks about going left but I say "go right!" and there is a wall quickly approaching.

In other horse news, I have someone interested in Flirt. The lady is coming out to see Flirt tomorrow. I am hoping I can sell her. The extra money and one less mouth to feed would be nice. Plus, my own horses are going to be neglected for the next 2 months while Oakley is in training. It would be nice to see Flirt go somewhere that she'll be loved and used. Wish us luck!

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aurora said...

It sure does seem to make a big difference which mustang is drawn, just as much (or even more so in some respects) as the trainer.

Best of luck to with Flirt!