Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Ride - Day 6

I was able to sit on Oakley today! I didn't ask for much movement but she moved a little on her own. I pulled her head around until she stood. I like to ease into riding and take things pretty slow in the saddle. She seems absolutely relaxed with me on top. She is not afraid of seeing me on either side of her and she even had the nerve to try to take a chunk out of my boot with her teeth. I ended up bumping her in the nose with my foot because she wouldn't quit. She isn't bothered by my mount or dismount and her feet are planted for both. What a good girl!

I have been thinking a lot about whether I am pushing her too hard. She is still not sure of me at the beginning of each session, but by the end she doesn't want to leave my side. It makes me wonder about those colt starting competitions where the competitors only have a day or so to start a colt. It seems to me that you can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time, but the foundation is built on repetition and consistency. Sure they get a colt started in a day, but what would happen if they let that colt sit for a few days? Would it be like starting over? I know lots of people send their horses out for 30 - 60 days of training and then the horses end up sitting once the training is complete. Does it depend on the horse whether or not that info is retained? How much does the person working with the horse matter? All these questions... I still have a lot to learn.

Anyway, enough of those silly questions that run through my mind. I am going back out tonight to work with Oakley. Maybe I'll get some video then. I probably won't ride, just ground work.
More later...

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Kara said...

Boy, she looks tiny from up there! Skinny little neck! I can't wait to see what she looks like after conditioning!