Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 9

Hmmph, here I was thinking it was day 8, come to find out it's been 9 days since I've had Oakley. Time flies when you're training a mustang on a time schedule. Today I moved Oakley to the barn where she'll be until the Horse Fair. It is the same barn where the two other trainers who picked up their mustangs with me are keeping their horses. It has a nice indoor, not huge, but a lot better than my small 36' by 36' pen.

Oakley's trailer loading experience last night paid off. She walked right in this morning. I tied her in and headed out. She did great unloading too. I had a flashback to the first time I unloaded Remington where I walked up beside him and he kicked so hard and fast I never saw it coming. Luckily his aim was terrible. But Oakley did not kick, she allowed me to untie her and she hopped out just fine. Going into the barn was a little scary because it was dark and there were some shavings bags right near the doorway, but she eventually went in. I settled her in her stall and moved my things in.

After everything was moved in I took Oakley out for a little tour of the indoor and the barn aisle. She was very good and quite calm. It was a beautiful day out. I spent some time with her at the gate at the end of the barn just looking outside at some of the horses who were turned out. So far she has been pretty good about not being too vocal. I like that about her. We'll see if that changes now that we're in a bigger barn with more horses that she can easily see. In the arena we worked on trotting in hand and picking up all 4 feet. I have progressed to using my hands when I ask for her feet. She's getting pretty good. She was a good girl so I put her away and let her be.

I went back out tonight. Tracy Schmidt (one of the other trainers) was out working her cute little chestnut mare. Her mare is named Stella and she is about the same size as Oakley. She is so refined, she looks like she could be a very light quarter horse. Tracy is doing a good job with her. I watched for a while then got Oakley out. I was going to try to saddle her up in the aisle, but she was a little too distracted. She spooked a few times so I decided to wait until I could work her down in the arena and then saddle her. She was not quite as cooperative with me tonight when it came to longeing. She wanted to pull me around so I ended up pulling her around. It went on for a while and she finally got tired of it and decided to cooperate. I remember those days with Remington fondly... well okay, I wouldn't say fondly... but I do remember them. I also know they become few and far between as time goes on. Once she settled I saddled her up and got right on. I sent her forward and we cruised around the arena at a nice trot. She got a little spooked near the wall and picked up the canter which was very smooth! I was able to guide her back down to the trot easily. I like this mare's mind. She really does her best to think things through. I haven't done a whole lot of bending/flexing or steering yet. I am mostly just establishing the forward cue. I am also not too fond of doing a whole lot with the rope halter but I am waiting to put a bit in her mouth until after her teeth are checked out and floated if needed. The vet comes out on Tuesday for that. Then I'll be able to get down to business, I can't wait! I probably rode for about ten minutes before asking her to stop and hopping off. I keep my riding sessions short, especially when the horses aren't in shape yet. I unsaddled and put her up for the night. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get some video of me riding her!

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jemsfriend said...

Oh Jess, you guys are doing so great. She is a really nice little horse. I love reading about her and how training is going. Keep up the good work.