Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 10 and the 1st half of 11

Well yesterday was a good day. I had some visitors come out to see the mustangs. Jessica Davis and I took turns working our mustangs for an audience of 3 friends. Oakley did really well. I put her through her paces of longeing, leading, picking up all 4 feet, moving forehand and hindquarters from the ground, mounting, and riding. When she was all finished I took her up to the gate and unsaddled her near the people. I want to teach her that people are not scary!

I still did not get any video. I put Oakley away and decided she was so good she could have the afternoon off, so I didn't return to work her until this morning.

She was a little bit of a pill this morning. I went to lead her out of her stall and she decided she wasn't going to leave. So she pulled back and reared a few times. I wasn't sure if she was scared of something outside the stall or just being stubborn so I backed her out of the stall and that worked just fine. I worked her a little and returned her to the stall to see if she would lead out. It took another good discussion about what should happen when I pull on the lead and she finally walked through, but not without some snorting. I imagine she was focusing on something that scared her. Maybe it was my saddle on the rack... who knows? After that we headed to the arena and did some longeing and rope work. I tied the rope around the saddle horn and let it drape around her hind legs while I held on to the other end. She doesn't seem to mind ropes and things touching her legs as she's moving. After that I took out a few obstacles and we worked a little on those. The bridge at the new barn is so narrow that it's difficult to get the horse to keep all 4 feet on at one time. I got Oakley to step up square but I wasn't dead set on making her cross the entire length of it with all 4 feet. I will save that exercise for another day. I put the bridge away and hopped on Oakley. She felt really nice today. This was the first day I decided to do some steering and encourage her to move in a circle rather than just go wherever she pleased. She responded so well. I am very happy with her progress so far. We've only done walk/trot so far, but I'm thinking the canter will come along soon. Probably before the end of the week. I am going back out later today, not sure of a game plan yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something. More later...

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