Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

Wow, I feel like I'm dealing with a different horse today! She's still nervous when I approach her in the stall, but she is coming around. We had so many firsts today. I was able to remove all the burrs and comb out and braid her mane and forelock, I sprayed her with show sheen, green spot remover (on her belly), and MTG. She stood while I threw a bareback pad on her. The girth was too long though so I couldn't cinch it up. I hope I have a girth small enough to fit her! She also lead around like a dream... not perfect, but that ponying lesson really paid off. She is so willing to give her head when pressure is applied. You can see in the video when I longe her that her head is always turned to the inside, I like that. It was a good day.

Just for fun, here's a photo of Remington and me from his 4th day of training. Here is Oakley on her 3rd. Pretty cool comparison! (Oakley is much smaller!!)


Kara said...

She's looking great! And she's so pretty! I love her dark little body and big white star. She's nicely put together too. I'm excited to watch your progress, and I'm planning to come see the mustang events at the Midwest Horse Fair!

jemsfriend said...

Awsome Jess. I like how she moves.