Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 2

Well, I am making progress, slowly but surely. She is not what I would consider easy. She is still very fearful. Tonight I hopped on my good mare and decided to teach Oakley a little more about leading and finding the release when pressure is applied. She did pretty good, but in the video she looks rough. She was relaxed and leading on a loose rein before the family that leases one of my horses showed up to see her. I am okay with that though, she needs to overcome her fear of people, it was a good experience for her. I know I look rough too, but I do what I need to to stay safe. My mare also gets an attitude when she's ponying another horse and I'm okay with that. She is doing her job and showing Oakley what is and isn't acceptable. When Oakley rushes forward, Risk lays her ears back and moves forward to try to stay ahead. I ended up having to snub Oakley up to the saddle horn because she was so fearful of the people taking video in the arena. She didn't want to lose sight of them so when we turned away from them she would rush forward. I'm a little apprehensive to post video like this because it may look like I'm pulling on her a lot, but the releases came when they were needed and I wasn't any harder on her than I needed to be. Still a long way from throwing a leg over her!

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