Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 1

What a long day. It started this morning at 4 am because I couldn't sleep. I decided to head out to the barn and get some extra chores done before the mustang arrived. I was so nervous, I just had to keep busy. The plan was to leave at 6 am. I would be driving and hauling Jessica Davis' and Tracy Schmidt's mustangs as well as my own. My friend Amanda came along for the ride as well. Everyone arrived on time so we hit the road at about 6. The weather was perfect for driving and we made good time after a small detour (wrong turn). We arrived at the holding facility in Mequon at 8 am. We were the 5th trailer in line.

We had time to go check out the mares. They were all stunning. I liked many of them, and would have had a hard time choosing one if I actually had a choice! Since we were 5th in line we had to wait to get our paperwork until the trainers in front of us got theirs. I was quite anxious to find out which horse I had drawn. My turn in line finally came and I quickly filled out my information. I was handed a piece of paper with my horse's number and description. I drew number 1042, a brown mare with a star and a snip. She is from Murderer's Creek HMA in Oregon.

After I found out my horses number and markings, the search was on. I eagerly scanned the pens looking for a mare that matched this description. After what seemed like forever, I was finally able to locate her. She was everything I had been hoping for. She is small and dark with beautiful, kind eyes.

Oakley and her forelock full of burrs :-(

Oakley is on the right with the big star.

Me, Jessica, and Tracy

Trailer loading and unloading went as smooth as we could have hoped for. I worked Oakley today with the bamboo pole and lariat. She is a difficult horse to predict. One moment she seems okay with me, and the next she is spinning and bolting the other direction. I think tomorrow I will work her in the stall a little before I take her into the larger arena like I did today. We weren't allowed to put halters on our horses, so she is naked right now.

I am beat, so I don't have much time for details, but please watch and enjoy the video I made for today.

I'll have more updates tomorrow! Now it's time for sleep!


nikki said...

Eeeeek!! How exciting! :D Can't wait to read more and see how they progress.

aurora said...

Great video, thanks for taking the time to make it! Looks like your mare was the brave one that wanted out of that box on wheels!