Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Trails

School starts on September 2nd, so I'm enjoying my last few days of freedom with my horses!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Riskie Does Flying Changes

Monday nights I've been giving lessons to some members of the saddle club I belong to. I took Riskie along last night since I haven't ridden her in a while. I was warming her up and I went to lope off on the left lead, well she picked up the right lead. As we were coming around the corner, before I could bring her down to a trot and ask her to pick up the correct lead, I noticed she did a flying change on her own. I had started teaching her last year, but we never quite finished... so I wasn't really expecting that. Aubrey was at lessons last night too, so I had her watch me and Risk. Turns out Riskie does some pretty awesome flying changes :-) Way better than Rem anyway! Poor Rem just isn't very athletic. Today I went out and rode Risk to get some video. You can see her do a couple flying changes in the video. She is really easy to change leads on, so that make me happy. I also ended up using Cinch as a cow. Riskie likes to track dogs I guess. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Procrastination - New Art

I should be completing my work for the last 2 days of my Summer courses, but I think procrastinating is more fun. So, I decided to get some photos up of my latest artwork. I've added them to my sidebar, but I thought I'd include some larger versions as well. :-)

These are mostly just studies, done for fun. I like messing around with the bright colors. I have so many pastel colors that I don't get to use because I usually use pretty muted colors when I draw horses and dogs, so I decided to give them a try.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, again it's been so long since I've posted, but here I am. I have been so stressed out lately, but I'm hoping things will get easier for me by the end of the month. Hopefully then I'll be all registered for classes... School is the biggest stress I've got right now, besides the whole trying to live off of unemployment. Heh, oh well. Things will work out, they always do.

Anyway, on to my horses! They are all doing well despite the heat and bugs. I am taking it easy on them because I'm not a fan of the August weather. Not only do my allergies act up, but the mosquito population seems to explode about this time of year. All the rain we've had doesn't help the situation. I am actually looking forward to the Fall weather, but then again, Winter is soon to follow, and that season seems to take so long! Oh well, I always have the Midwest Horse Fair to look forward to in April, that seems to get me through the Winter just fine. The Wind Rider Challenge is coming back to the horse fair this year. I have thought about applying with Remington, but then again, I think back to the Mustang Challenge, and I don't really like to be on stage (by myself) with tons of onlookers. The breed demo is nice because I get to ride with everyone else, being singled out isn't really my thing.

Wow, I am all over the place today, as far as subject matter. Notice the title of this post? I was going to talk about Flirt! Haha, so here I go... She is doing really well, big surprise, seems like I say that every time I talk about her! I took her out on the trails last week with Aubrey (she's home for the month of August) and she did really well. Flirt lead the whole way, and we even did some loping on the trail. It was really fun. Eric was a good sport and he tagged along on Risk. They are really getting along good. It's so nice to have a horse that I can put anyone on and not have to worry about a thing. Flirt has the potential to be that kind of horse. Rem, I sometimes worry about with beginners, just because he will react a little quicker if he does get spooked.

Well here are a few photos of me and Flirt from the other night. She looks like a real horse now :-) Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! I'm sure I'll have more photos to post soon.