Friday, December 10, 2010

Dressage update

So, here is a video of my trainer riding Rem. I wanted her to ride him, just to get a feel for what he knows and maybe to find out what he needs to work on. He is coming along nicely and our first show will be in May. I think we'll probably show training level, but we might do an intro class as well because they added some canter work to the intro tests this year.

I need to work on my position most of all. I have to remember to sit back and not lean forward. As a rider that is my biggest fault. It's something I picked up riding roping horses and since I grew up riding them, it's going to take a while to correct.

I really do think Dressage has helped Remington out as far as balance goes. It's only the beginning, I hope he will continue to develop as we work our way up the levels.

I have been super busy with school. I am down to my last week and a half. I have 2 more days of class and then 4 days of finals. It will be a relief when winter break rolls around! I am signed up for my Spring courses and after next semester I will be student teaching. I am really excited. I had a lot of fun this semester because we got to spend 8 Tuesdays at a middle school observing a classroom.

Well I just wanted to do a quick update since it's been so long. I'll be writing a 10 page paper all weekend, but hopefully you all will get to enjoy your weekend!


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Good to see an update from you! I don't know much about dressage, but I enjoyed watching your video. Good luck on your paper. I bet you're really looking forward to winter break. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope your having a great holiday season.