Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know it's been so long since I've posted, over a month! I have been so busy with school, but I am enjoying it so much. I am enjoying school more this time around since I am at home and I can be with my horses. When I went to River Falls, I was 4 hours from my horse and my family! I have been riding just about every day after school, so it's been really nice.

I have my first dressage lesson tomorrow, I can't wait. I am going to take Remington. I know he's not going to make much of a reiner, so I figured I could use dressage to help him get stronger. Dressage is also something anyone can do. There are different levels that you can work up to, unlike reining, where you horse had better be talented if you want to compete. I don't expect to take Rem to the top of the dressage levels, but I am sure we can work towards mastering the lower end. I don't have a dressage saddle or anything fancy like that, but I will work up to it if it's something I do end up pursuing.

Anyway, the photos up above are of my horses, all ready for work :-) I will let you all know how the lesson goes! I can't wait!

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