Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Riskie Does Flying Changes

Monday nights I've been giving lessons to some members of the saddle club I belong to. I took Riskie along last night since I haven't ridden her in a while. I was warming her up and I went to lope off on the left lead, well she picked up the right lead. As we were coming around the corner, before I could bring her down to a trot and ask her to pick up the correct lead, I noticed she did a flying change on her own. I had started teaching her last year, but we never quite finished... so I wasn't really expecting that. Aubrey was at lessons last night too, so I had her watch me and Risk. Turns out Riskie does some pretty awesome flying changes :-) Way better than Rem anyway! Poor Rem just isn't very athletic. Today I went out and rode Risk to get some video. You can see her do a couple flying changes in the video. She is really easy to change leads on, so that make me happy. I also ended up using Cinch as a cow. Riskie likes to track dogs I guess. :-)

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Paint Girl said...

That is so excellent that Riskie is doing flying changes! I still haven't worked on that with my horses!
I love how your dogs are running out in the field while you are loping around! My dogs go nuts when I lope! Like crazy nuts!