Monday, July 5, 2010

Been so long...

Does anyone read this anymore? Haha, I feel like a terrible blogger. Well, if anyone is still out there, thanks for sticking with me. I'm sorry I don't make it to more of your blogs, I am sure once Winter rolls around that will change. But, for now it's Summer and I've just been so busy!

I am still riding colts and learning tons. It's hard to find time for my own horses, but I still like them best. It's probably a good thing to like your own horse best when you ride other people's all day long.

I have been working on getting flying lead changes with Remington. I've been working on it for about 4 days now and he's coming along okay. What he prefers to do is change in front and leave his hind end in the opposite lead. You'll see in the video that he just about changed both at the same time, but the front still came first. In a correct lead change, they need to change back to front. I'm working on it, but I think I'm going to need a lesson from my trainer before I go too much farther. Rem is the most forgiving horse in the world, so I don't have to worry too much about screwing him up, but I would prefer to do things right the first time.

Well, tomorrow is my first day going back to school. I've got a Summer math course to take :-( My least favorite subject. Oh well. I hope it goes by quickly... though then it will be Fall just around the corner.

I better get some sleep, I'll try to blog more often!


Kara said...

Hey Jesse, I just wanted to do my part and pass this on. Pictures don't show up in comments, but I could email them to you. The horse is a really cute buckskin.

Horse needs a new home. The horse is located in Arlington, WI, and she can be reached at: , or on her cell phone at 608-886-7650.

Tres- 4 yr old Mustang, about 15hh, looks like he still has a lot of filling out to do, and maybe gain an inch or two.

$1000 obo or potential lease available - selling because owner is moving to Colorado for a job and can only afford to bring one of her horses with her.

He is very calm, but will still startle at a few things, common for his age. Likes to follow you around like a puppy dog in the pasture, very friendly. Rides well with a comfy canter, but not a lot of work done at the canter yet. Trained western basics, but doesn’t neck rein yet, and has a fairly soft mouth. He is perfect on trails with other horses and is a follower. He will go out on his own, but is insecure about leaving his buddies. He has been on trails away from home, including an overnight camping trip and did fine. He is easy to handle, load, and bathe. No bad riding habits. He is a bit lazy and you don’t need to worry about him getting too energetic.

jemsfriend said...

Well, I check every day, to see what you have been up to. I miss you, but I am glad you are busy.

aurora said...

I've got the blogs I follow set up as a feed, so whenever you post - I read, and have since your Mustang Challenge. Life is busy, frequency makes no diff to me - altho I love reading updates. Glad things are going so well.

Thanks for adding the slo-mo part to the video, it helped. I have a hard time seeing leads.

Our horses are back home, so were using Bill the farrier again. I always ask about you. I'm sure someday we'll meet :)