Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

Rain has been in the forecast since last night. We had some strong storms roll through. It was kind of nice to lay in bed and listen to the thunder... despite having my 70lb dog shivering beside me. He hates thunder storms... poor dog.

The rain is supposed to stick around until tomorrow. We've had some dry patches though. In fact, it stopped raining long enough for me to get a ride in this afternoon. I had a choice between Rem and Flirt, and although I probably should have saddled Rem up to practice for the Midwest Horse Fair, I picked Flirt instead. She was a good girl. I trotted her quite a bit, mostly because she didn't want to stand still when Aubrey's dad came to the gate to talk to us... so it was off to work for her. She must be feeling good because she trotted right off and then decided to throw in a few canter strides. I didn't stop her because I was curious to see how her lope is, and it's just as smooth as her trot. I can definitely tell she is pleasure bred. By the end of our ride, she was thankful for a chance to stand still. She's a quick learner... I'm sure she'll remember that standing still when I ask the first time is going to earn her a lot less work.

Midwest Horse Fair is coming up fast. I still have quite a few things to accomplish before next weekend, I hope I can fit everything in!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you got a ride in even though the weather stinks. It's nice to ride an enthusiastic horse.