Monday, April 5, 2010

A good weekend

Well I hope your Easter weekend was as good as mine. Of course the best part is having an excuse to eat candy without feeling too guilty... I may have over done it though... oh well. I'm going to pick up some hay tomorrow, so I'll work it off, right?

Flirt is coming along nicely. She's such a calm horse. She could care less when I take her away from her pasture buddy. She doesn't carry on whinnying or get nervous at all. Neither Riskie or Rem are herd bound... sure I'd like to take credit for "training" them that it's okay to be away from their buddies, or maybe I'd like to think that they see me as their "lead mare", but really, I think I've just got good horses.

Anyway, after spending our first few rides in the small indoor arena, I figured it was time to venture out to the large outdoor arena with Flirt. She didn't disappoint and did very well. I've been keeping our rides to about 15 minutes, just to keep things simple for her. I'll gradually increase the time as she becomes comfortable... I've also been riding her two times a day.

The video below shows us out in the pasture. I asked her to trot for the first time today. She did really well... She was a little uncoordinated, but I can't blame her. She's still trying to figure out how to carry my weight. She has the smoothest trot though, and such a long stride.

Well, I should get some sleep I guess. Happy late Easter... eat some more candy!!


Danielle Barlow said...

Flirt's lovely!
Our Easter weekend was a washout, so we didn't get our ponies out at all. I'm hoping it might clear out this afternoon! Instead, I've sat indoors and eaten all weekend.

Michelle said...

Happy Easter back! Sounds like you had a great weekend, candy is always good. And no worries, the hay should erase that and then some!