Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh boy, I feel like every year about the time the Horse Fair rolls around, there's got to be drama in my life! And here I am again, dealing with it, but hopefully it's resolved now... I don't want to get into it a whole lot, but it's probably my own fault. I can be insecure at times, and that is never a good thing. Like I said though, it is resolved, so I am hoping I can enjoy the Horse Fair without worrying about anything.

I had a busy weekend, and no pictures to show for it! Go figure. Saturday, Kate and I took our horses to a FFA judging clinic. Riskie and I did a pleasure class with Kate and Torque, and 2 other friends. Floyd rode his mustang Scout, and Shannon rode her Halflinger, Wookie. Riskie did really good for me. She isn't much of a pleasure horse because of her straight shoulder and quick, short stride, but she did a good job of pretending. I was proud of her, anyway.

After the judging clinic, I had a lesson with the girl who wants to show Riskie in 4-H. She is a very timid girl. I can see how much she loves horses, but at the same time, her timid attitude towards them sometimes hinders her ability to learn. I am hoping that she can conquer her fear in order to learn what it takes to ride and work with horses. Her groundwork skills are coming along very good, but her time in the saddle is where she is the most fearful. Only time will tell...

Sunday I spent a good deal of time with Flirt. I worked on her canter (which needs a lot of work). She is having a hard time picking up the left lead, so it took quite a while before I could get her into it. Then she decided that she doesn't know how to follow rein cues at the canter, so we worked on that. By the end of our ride she was covered in sweat, so she got hosed off, which she seemed to enjoy.

After that it was time to head to our final Mustang demo practice before the Horse Fair. It went alright, but there are still some kinks we need to work out. I am hoping we can all get together on Thursday and get things ironed out. I know it will all turn out alright, but leaving it until the last minute isn't the best idea.

So, that was my busy weekend... today I got to ride my friend's horses before the rain clouds rolled in. Then it was off to my barn. Kate and I sat and talked for a good hour or so before I finally got motivated to go get Flirt out of her pen. I just rode her inside and she was really good. Her stop is getting to be really good.

Well I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, so I guess it's time for me to call it a day! Good night!

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