Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Horse Fair Done and Over With

What a weekend! It seemed like it took so long to get here and yet it went by so fast. Wednesday it got up to about 80 degrees, perfect weather for a bath, so Rem was nice and clean for the horse fair. Unfortunately, our first demo wasn't until Saturday evening, so he didn't necessarily stay clean... oh well.

Our practice was on Thursday, and everything went really well. I was happy with the way the soccer game idea was turning out. Of course that was with an empty coliseum and no nerves to add to the mix.

Friday I spent most of the day looking at vendors and shopping. Silly, I know... shopping while I'm unemployed... but a cowgirl needs a nice pair of boots... mine were getting holes in them, so I figured I could justify that expense. The new spurs and bridle were probably a little foolish... but, it's over and done with now! At least I didn't go crazy and buy a pair of chinks that I had my eye on all weekend... I really wanted them... maybe next year.

Saturday I was anticipating the demo all day long, so my stomach was in knots. It wasn't necessarily nerves, just excitement and adrenaline. Silly for just a breed demo, but I knew the coliseum would be packed since our time slot was right before the Liberty presentation. I started getting Rem ready at 3, our demo wasn't until 4:50. I put a running braid in his mane and put his tail up like a polo pony. I put his polo wraps on and saddled him up. Eric showed up and braided my hair so me and Rem matched. At about 4:20 we headed down to the coliseum as a group. The demos were running about 10 minutes behind, but it didn't seem like we had to wait long for our turn to go in.

I wasn't mistaken about all the people there on Saturday. The stands were packed and that made most of the horses pretty nervous. I could feel Rem was fired up, but he still listened to me, thankfully. A couple of our other group members weren't so lucky. The crowd really got to a few of them. Nash and Jess put on a show and lived up to our team name of the "Blue Broncs". He really looked like a bronco out there on the soccer field. Other than the horses being hyped up, the demo went okay. Not as smoothly as I would have preferred, but that's usually the way it goes. I should just be happy that Rem kept his cool for the most part and did his job.

Sunday went much smoother, there were no broncs in that demo. The crowd was much smaller and we were all more relaxed. I was thankful our demo time was pretty early in the morning at 9:40. Then I had the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the fair.

Now that horse fair is over, I don't have any big events to get ready for... I guess that means I've got lots of time to get Flirt going good. I'll have an update on her later this week!


aurora said...

Glad things went well for you & Rem at fair!

Kara said...

Very cool! I did stop by the mustang pride stalls, but no one was there (it was Saturday morning). I did pet Remington, though. I was there well before 10am because I was volunteering at the equine ambulance from 10-12. Too bad I missed you! I'm glad it went well for you!

Rising Rainbow said...

It looks like it was fun, even if some of the horses were hyped.

I've done those demonstrations before. It's cool when the horse listens despite being exited. Good for Rem. You must be proud.