Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wonderful Weather

What amazing weather we've been having! For March, anyway. The temps have been in the mid 60's and we've seen nothing but blue skies! I love it! Too bad they are forecasting snow for Saturday... grrr... and here I thought we were done with that white stuff. Oh well.

Yesterday, my friend, Kate, and I went for a trail ride. We took an old trail that runs from our city into a neighboring town. It's a really nice trail to get your horse ready for trail riding season because it is flat and straight the whole way through. It's actually an abandoned railroad bed, which is pretty cool. Kate was riding her colt, Torque. It was his very first trail ride and he did really well. In order to get on the trail you have to ride underneath an interstate overpass. Rem led the way and Torque followed without question. What good ponies!

Once we were on our way Kate wanted to see if Torque would lope. Rem was in front so I asked for a nice easy lope. Kate kissed Torque up into a lope and once he found his lead he followed right along.

The ride into town was about two hours. The horses were happy to stand at the hitching post while we had lunch at the bar. Kate's mom met us there. After a nice lunch (mmm... bacon cheeseburger...) we decided it would be a little much to ask our horses to carry us the two hours back down the trail, so Kate's mom drove Kate to the truck and trailer and she brought it back to town so we could load our horses up and head home. It was a great way to spend St. Patty's day!


Jennifer said...

That's just awesome! Looks like it was a LOT of fun!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Who knew that someday you would have that wild Mustang tied to a post in town and standing quietly? What a journey it has been for both of you.