Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soccer Practice

So the exercise ball didn't work out quite the same as the big horse soccer ball. It's much smaller so if I ask Rem to go faster than a walk the ball gets caught up under his feet and he stumbles over it. But, at least it's teaching him to kick and follow at the walk.

Here is a short little video of me and Rem practicing soccer.

Rem and Risk are both a little sore from their vaccinations yesterday. Rem has a pretty good welt on his neck and Risk is just tender. She pulls away when I touch her neck. Hopefully it won't last too long and they'll be feeling better soon. I wanted to ride them both today, but since Risk seemed so sore I just took her for a walk down the driveway.

Hopefully the nice weather sticks around for a few more days. I might get a trail ride in tomorrow :-)


Paint Girl said...

Look at Rem playing with that soccer ball!! I can see how the smaller ball could get in between their legs. Looks like fun!

Kara said...

Do you know what time and day you guys are doing your demonstration at the horse fair? I want to try to come and see it!

Jessie said...

Kara, we have a demo at 4:50pm on Saturday in the coliseum and then at 9:40am on Sunday, again in the coliseum. Our horses will be in Barn 2. Hope to see you there!