Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to Work (for my horses, not me)

So with all this time on my hands I've been doing a lot of riding. The weather has been so nice, I can't help but think it's just for me :-) As you can see, I'm trying to grow Riskie's mane out... I'm not sure how far it'll get before it drives me crazy and I roach it off again. A young girl might show her in 4H this summer, so I'll have to hope it is at least long enough to band, otherwise I will roach it.

I've mostly been working Riskie. Rem has had it easy, so I'll have to ride him tomorrow. More soccer practice is probably in order. We've got to master the ball control.

Well, not a whole lot to say I guess. Enjoy the photos!

Rem enjoying an afternoon nap in the sunshine

Caper enjoys a good roll in the grass


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad someone's having weather nice enough to ride. Here it's off more than on and I'm getting rather crabby about it. LOL

Cindi said...

Your art is amazing! You are so very talented!!! I'm glad you are blogging again! Maybe I'll see you out and about sometime!