Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to 2nd shift...

I was planning on riding today... preferably in the morning, but that didn't happen. I got to the barn and felt a little bit guilty that I'd be saddling up my horse before he had a chance to eat breakfast... so instead I just picked poop and filled the stock tank after I opened the gate to the pasture.

I went to let the horses in on my lunch break. Thank goodness they come running when I call them. It makes things so much easier when I don't have to go out and catch them. Most of the time they will gallop in, but there are days when they feel like they haven't had enough grass and decide to stay out on pasture despite my calls. So, I end up walking out to catch one, usually Riskie and then Rem and Chocolate end up galloping back to the barn leaving me and Risk to walk back. If only Riskie were a few inches shorter... or I was a bit more athletic... I'd be able to swing up bareback and ride her back... But that isn't the case, maybe I need to teach her to stretch and park out like a Saddlebred. That would give me a few inches to work with... Too bad there isn't a hill in that pasture, or a tree stump or anything really to help me climb on. Man, I must be the laziest person alive, trying to figure out ways to ride my horse instead of walk along side her when doing such a simple task... :-)

I actually thought about going out tonight to ride and turning the outside barn light on. But then I realized there are a few storms rolling through. I don't hear much inside this building, so I have to rely on to know what the heck is going on outside. They rearranged our office so now it's pretty much set up like a barn aisle with our own personal stalls! I feel right at home :-) heh heh.

Anyway... I should stop rambling on and get back to work... I think my break is up.

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Amanda said...

Hey why walk when you can ride? I have the same prob as you...for the life of me I can't swing my butt onto my horse without a saddle.