Sunday, June 14, 2009

Videos From The Show

Sr. Showmanship

1. Start at Cone A
2. Walk to Cone B
3. Trot from Cone B to past Cone C, make a circle
and continue trotting to the Judge.
4. Stop in front of the Judge, back 5 steps and complete a 360 degree
turn to the right.
5. Set up for inspection.

Jackpot Walk/Trot Equitation Pattern

1. Start at Cone A trot to Cone B.
2. Stop at Cone B and back 4 steps.
3. Trot a circle and continue past Cone B to Cone C.
4. Stop at Cone C.

Sr. Showmanship

Jackpot Walk Trot - Pattern work

Jackpot Walk Trot - Rail work


Paint Girl said...

Risk and Rem look so good! Congrats on your wins!

Tracey said...

Rem moves like Steve Holt!, big and upward. Sandy does the shuffle and can hold his own against the quarter horses; I feel like I'm riding a sea serpent when I switch back to Steve Holt!, lol!

Hows your cattle work coming?