Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too HOT!

It's way too hot out...

I haven't ridden since Saturday. Jess and I went to Palmyra and I'm glad I didn't bring Riskie. The trails have gotten so rocky. Rem's feet didn't chip out, but Nash had quite a few chips by the end of our ride. I know Riskie would have been hurting.

It was a good ride, we were probably out for two and a half hours. The bugs were bad and it got progressively hotter as the ride went on, but it wasn't miserable. When we got back we gave both the boys a bath and let them roll in the sand pit.

Sunday we put hay up. I am so glad I had help from my friends, Kate and Tim, as well as Aubrey's dad. It would have been so much harder without them. It's about a 30 minute drive with a hay wagon from where we get the hay to the barn, so it was nice to have 2 trucks hauling wagons back and forth. There were 4 wagons all together. We've got 560 bales, so that should be good for the Winter. I am only feeding a flake or two a day to each horse since we have so much pasture. They are all fat and happy. I told Aubrey's dad that we won't need to get anymore hay for the year and he said "As long as you don't buy another horse". I told him to tell me "no" when I ask... haha. It's best if I don't get any ideas.

Yesterday and today have been the hottest days yet... the humidity is pretty bad as well. When I got to the barn after work the horses were standing in the dry lot just sweating. I am guessing the bugs are pretty bad out on the pasture. I have been letting them out pretty early, so hopefully they're getting their fill of grass before retreating to the barn.

They looked so miserable today that I hosed them all off. I think they enjoyed it, and their bodies were much cooler after that. I hope it helped them to be a little more comfortable.

It's supposed to be warm all week, but I'm hoping the humidity drops some by the end of the week. I'd like to get some riding in, but I won't ride my horses if they are sweating bullets just from standing around.

Next week I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off from work, so I'm really hoping for decent weather. Otherwise I'll just have to beat the heat and ride early in the morning.

Sorry for the boring post... Here's a picture that will make things more entertaining...

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Paint Girl said...

Wow, 500 + bales of hay in the barn! I wish we had storage for that much! We can store up to 80 bales, which is almost what we have now. I wish we had more, cuz we would make sure we got a lot more to get us through winter.
Sounds like you had a good ride, even though it has been so hot for you. We have been in the comfortable low 70's, and we went on an awesome ride tonight! Probably the best one in a long time!
So what happened in the picture?