Thursday, June 4, 2009

She'll Make A Rope Horse Yet...

I took a half day of work today, so I could go roping again! Risk is really coming along, and enjoying this team roping business. She is getting good about getting up behind the steer and staying where she belongs. She is beginning to anticipate the turn when the header dallies, which is good and bad. Good because she's learning her job, but also bad because she doesn't always turn the way she should. She likes to leave her hip hanging out there, so I have to use my spur to bring her hip around before we can get in behind the steer.

The good new is that spurs don't bother her anymore! We were tracking a steer pretty good and he stopped to drag right in front of us, Risk hit the breaks and I accidently dug my spurs into her belly as I tried to keep my balance. She wasn't bothered at all this time around. That made me happy, but I also felt bad for sticking her when she was watching out for me. But, she knows when to tolerate it and when to respond now :-)

I think her favorite part is breaking from the box. I just move my hand forward and she goes! That might be my favorite part about roping too. I do like to go fast, and it's so much fun to go from a standstill to a full out gallop in 3 strides.

Breaking from the box (on the wrong lead)

Taking a break.

I know a few of you are wondering what I decided about the Mustang Makeover. I thought it best to sit this one out. I will consider doing the Midwest one again (if there is going to be one), but the gas prices keep jumping up and summer is just beginning. I am going to concentrate on my 2 horses this summer, because I am still learning so much from both of them. Doing the Mustang Challenge really showed me how much I don't know about finishing horses, and that's something I want to get a handle on before I do anymore outside training. I know you can't finish a horse in 100 days, but I feel like if I knew what I know now I could have gotten Remington going better in time for the competition. Anyway, enough of this nonsensical babbling!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yay! There's rain in the forecast for this weekend, so I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet, but if it has anything to do with the ponies, I'll be sure to write about it on Sunday. Hope you all have a good weekend, and stay on TOP of your ponies :-)


Tracey said...

Those event really teach us a lot, don't they? I felt much more confident going into Albany than I had at Sacramento. But next time around, whenever or wherever that may be, I'll be even better because of what I learned this year. Each horse gives us more.

Love your breakaway photo there! Sounds like Risk is really coming along. Steve Holt! had his first ride with spurs yesterday...I thought of you!

Callie said...

Looks like a whole bunch of fun! Love the photo!

Lizz said...

I wish I could ride like that. Just getting back up on a horse since I was a teen is scarey enough. I see you went to school for art. ME TOO I am an art teacher taught high school for 14 years and now I just moved down to the little guys. First day of summer vaca today. I promised myself I will ride every day.