Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

So last weekend I didn't do a thing with the horses except feed them. It was rainy both days and I just stayed inside all weekend.

I am hoping the weather cooperates this weekend. Aubrey is coming home! She was originally coming home because we thought we might be putting hay up this weekend, but with all the rain we've had, the hay isn't even cut yet. I doubt it will be cut and baled by the weekend, but who knows... So anyway, there is an open 4-H show at the fairgrounds on Saturday that we just might head over to. We don't want to stay the whole day so we would probably just do the morning classes. I want to take Riskie and Remington. I would do showmanship with Risk, walk/trot with Rem, and Trail with both horses. The show starts at 8 so I imagine we'd be finished by noon. That's about all the showing I can take these days. I get cranky pretty fast when I have to wear show attire.

Sunday is a group lesson, and Aubrey will get to bring her pony! I am very excited.

Now if only it were Friday night instead of Wednesday...

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Shannon said...

Congratulations on all the placings today. It was awesome to see you rock the Sr. Showmanship and Jackpot Walk trot!!