Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sold! and a busy Sunday...

Just when I was thinking I'd be holding onto Luna for a while longer, I found a home for her. A woman from Illinois found her on Craigslist, and we'd been emailing back and forth for a week or so. She and her husband came out to see Luna on Saturday.

Luna, happened to be on her worst behavior when they showed up. Probably because of my own nerves... She didn't stand stock still for saddling the way she normally does, but it wasn't that big of a deal. She still stood well for a 3 year old, just not like she usually does. Then, when I took her out to the arena she started screaming for her herd mates. She normally never does that. She insisted on trotting while I longed her, even though I wanted a walk... I finally got it. And then, she wanted to trot off under saddle, which also is not like her. I suppose it's good that they saw the worst of her and still wanted to take her.

Before they left, they said they'd give me a call and let me know their decision, that afternoon. It wasn't 10 minutes after they drove off that I saw their number pop up on my cell phone. I thought for sure, such a quick decision would be that they didn't want to take on such a green horse, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they really liked her, and wanted to take her! So, next weekend I'll be hauling her to her new home.

I sold her for less than what I was asking on the stipulation that she would get at least 60 days of professional training. I am not sure how much the woman who is buying her knows about green horses, but I do know she has owned horses in the past. Luna will be stabled at a boarding barn, so that makes me feel good. She will have company, and her owner will have good advice from fellow boarders, I hope.

Today was a good full day of riding. Since they put a deposit down on Luna, I decided to go to the group reining lesson this week. We worked on really setting our horses up for their leads. I have a tendency to over bend Rem when I'm asking for a lead. I always thought that you had to have their nose tipped to the inside, but really all you need is for them to give you their chin. Once you have their chin, you can slow their front end down and push their rear end up into it for collection. After that, you ask for their hip to move over with your outside leg, and support with your inside leg so that just their hip comes in, not their shoulder. Then you can ask them to lope off. I don't usually have any problems with my leads, but Remington only knows how to run into them, so breaking it down and making sure I slow his front end before asking really helped him to lope off collected instead of running off. Now I've got something new to practice for a few weeks. It's so exciting to feel my horse getting better and better. I am confident in my ability to start colts, but beyond the basics I can't say that I know a whole lot about finishing a horse. That's why I am taking lessons, to learn what it takes to finish out a horse.

After my lesson, I decided to head over to team roping practice to watch my Uncle Bill, and his friend's, Steve and Bill, rope. I thought about taking Riskie along, but decided against it so I just had Rem with me. Rem got a chance to track a few calves and he did really well. I think he had a good time.

When they got started roping I decided to unsaddle Rem, since he had been wearing it all morning, and just watch. Apparently my Uncle decided that meant I should rope off of one of his horses! Oh boy... I haven't roped in a while, but I thought it might be fun so I agreed. It turned out to be a blast! I had so much fun. I rode my Uncle's youngest horse, Brady. He took good care of me, even though he is kind of new to roping as well. I think he is 6 this year. I was heeling, so I didn't dally or anything like that. I missed most of the time, but I caught a few singles.

Steve decided we should rope for money, so everyone put a dollar in the pot (I only had a 20, so my Uncle paid for me). It was Steve and I against Bill and Bill. Steve talked the Bill's into letting us have 8 points right off the bat, since I'm new to this. Each horn is worth a point and each back leg is worth a point, so you can get 4 total, per steer, but the header and the heeler have to catch in order for them to count, you won't get points if just the header catches.

We had 8 cattle to work with but only 4 counted for points, we took the 4 best runs. I think I caught two singles in our set, so we wound up with 13 points.

Bill and Bill actually missed their first 4 steers, so Steve and I thought we would win for sure. But then, things changed... The Bill's pulled things together and wound up getting points for all four of their last steers. They ended up tying us with 13 points!

It was pretty exciting, actually. We had to have a rope off! We would each get a chance to catch one more steer. Steve and I went first. Steve hardly ever misses, and he caught our steer, but it was only one horn. As I went in to follow I started to swing my rope and it wound up around my horse's head somehow... heh heh... whoops! Steve told me to get untangled and keep trying, so I was able to straighten things out and get up behind the steer, I threw my loop and wound up catching one back leg! So, we had 2 points, even though it wasn't much to watch.

Bill and Bill missed their steer (possibly on purpose, to make me feel good), so Steve and I won the rope-off, and we each won 2 dollars!

I didn't have any photos from this weekend, so instead I'll include some from last year.


Pony Girl said...

That's great Luna found a good home, and will get some more training! Will you be sad when she leaves? :( Sounds like you had fun at the reining, and you got to rope! Cool! I like the sounds of the little betting game you had going! ;)

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like Luna will have a good home! I am sure you will miss her. Are you going to check up on her? How far away will she be from you?
I need to learn to rope in the next couple months, don't know how that is going to happen. Our family get together with the horses is coming up. And one of our challenges is to rope. Could be very interesting! Got any pointers?

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day!

Callie said...

Sounds like you may have found a good home for Luna! And what a fun day at roping!

aurora said...

Luna's a great girl, not surprised she didn't take long to sell. Good luck with the transfer. Keep us posted if you get updates.