Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Bridle

Here is a photo of Rem and his new bridle... well I guess it's not that new anymore. I got it at Midwest Horse Fair.

It's been rainy all week again, so I haven't done any riding at all. The horses sure are getting fat though. I'll have to start feeding a few flakes of hay and locking them off the pasture soon. Remington is still growing, so he's not quite as fat as the 2 mature mares. They are about ready to burst at the seams.

Hopefully I'll get some riding in this weekend. I can't believe I still have one more day of work. It was a short work week, but it seemed so long... Oh well, maybe tomorrow will go by fast.


Paint Girl said...

I love Rem's new bridle! Do you know who makes it?
Hope you can get out to ride this weekend!

Pony Girl said...

The bridle is beautiful, nice picture of it! Rem looks very handsome. Sorry about the rain. We've had gorgeous weather here, so lots of riding time! And the week has felt fast, love these 4-day work weeks, hee hee!

Linda said...

That is a wonderful picture of Rem in his bridle. You are a talented photographer.

Just catching up with your blog--looks like you've been busy roping and searching your heart for the Mustang Makeover.

Looks like you've used a great deal of wisdom in coming to your decision.

I know I can't take anything else on right now. I've just got to pour myself into the horses I have out there right now who need me.