Friday, May 1, 2009

Derby Pick

What a relief, this week is finally over! I am looking forward to a pretty relaxing weekend. Tomorrow, my aunt, cousin and mom are going out for lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday. After that, I've got trail riding plans with Jess. I am going to take my mare, Riskie. I need a relaxing ride, so Sir Spooks-a-lot is staying at home!! Heh heh, no he really isn't that bad, he's still a youngster though, and Riskie's feeling neglected so it will be good to get her out on the trail.

My mom and I took a look at the derby field the other night. She hasn't made her pick but I chose "Hold Me Back" for mine. Nobody really stood out to me, but I really like his trainer, Bill Mott. That's pretty much the only reason I picked him. Cigar is my favorite racehorse of all time, and Bill Mott was his trainer. Anyway, I probably won't even get to see the race live, I'll be out riding.

Horse racing is getting harder for me to watch with all the breakdowns happening. I used to follow it rather closely. Aubrey and her family used to go to the races a lot and they would take me along too. We've been to the Preakness and the Breeder's Cup, when it was at Arlington. It was really fun. The best part about it is when the the grand stands aren't crowded and you can go sit right by the track. You can just about feel the horses thundering towards the wire.

Luna's face is much better today. The swelling is all but gone. The wound is still open but I think it will heal okay. I was going to bring my camera to get a picture, because my blog needs more blood and guts I think... but I forgot. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! Let me know your derby pick if you have one!

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Paint Girl said...

I am with you on the horse racing. I like it but than I don't. I hate seeing horses get hurt, but they get hurt in any event. I guess I just don't like how they are raced so young.
Have a good weekend riding! I think it is going to rain here all weekend, so probably no riding here!