Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Do Weekends Go By So Fast???

It seems like my weekends are all just one big blur lately. Only 2 more weeks until the Midwest Horse Fair. I am pretty excited. This week I have Friday off and the following I only work Monday and Tuesday because I took a lot of vacation for the Horse Fair. It will be nice to have a break, but at the same time, the Horse Fair goes by quickly as well.

The mustang preview went really good! There was a pretty good turnout and Choke handled all her admirers with the grace of a seasoned show horse! She was quite a ham... yawning while TJ was talking :-) Several times we got to clap for her, and though she held her head a little higher, I am sure it was more to show off as opposed to being startled. I think she'll do just fine with the crowds at the Horse Fair.

She is coming along as well as she could be. TJ explained that he's taken things slow with her so as not to ruin her. She is probably a little younger than the BLM has her listed. Most likely she's a long 2 year old, instead of a 3 year old. She is also built very downhill, though she may level out, but it is a disadvantage for her. Being downhill makes things much harder, especially collection and using her hind end. Regardless of her faults and setbacks she is still a wonderful little horse and I can't wait to see her compete with TJ at the Horse Fair!!

I didn't have my camera with me, but I think Tracy got a few photos. I might be able to get her to send me some to share. I will for sure have my camera with me at Midwest. I am going to film TJ and Choke's in hand and ridden competition, as well as their Top 10 performance if they get that far. I have pretty good seats for the Saturday night show, so I'm excited!!


Nancy said...

Hey Jess I have 2 tickets for sat night at midwest horse fair. I can't go do you know any one that would like the tickets free. Let me know I can put then in the mail. Nancy

Jessie said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm sure I could find someone to take them. That's very kind of you to offer them up for free!

If you want my address you can email me: