Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain all weekend

What a lousy weekend. Luckily, I got plenty of ride time in during the week. I was able to ride almost every night after work. On Thursday I even got to go for a trail ride! A couple friends of mine picked up my horse for me and I met them after work at the trail head. It was a really nice ride. I had them bring my mare, Riskie. They said when they went to pick her up, all 3 mares were at the gate, but Remington was at the far end of the dry lot. Heh heh, he is probably thinking he doesn't want to step foot in another trailer for a while. Midwest Horse Fair is exhausting for everyone involved!

I did saddle him up and ride on Wednesday and Friday, though. He was pretty good, but for some reason still feels the need to get strong when we ride in the big arena. He only does this at home. I really don't mind it... it just puzzles me.

Friday night I was able to let the horses out on grass for about half an hour. I want to get them started on pasture since it's coming up so fast, but I have to introduce them slowly since there is nothing for them to nibble on in the dry lot. I was hoping to increase their time this weekend, but I knew it wouldn't happen with all the rain. Oh well... after tomorrow, we should get some dry weather.

Well, sorry for the boring post. I'll add a couple pictures from Midwest Horse Fair... maybe that will make it better?

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