Friday, April 17, 2009

Choke and TJ are tied for FIRST PLACE!

How exciting is that? They had an awesome pattern!! Unfortunately I only got to see the first half of the trainers go through. We had our breed demo to get to. The demo actually went okay, I was really worried because the practice we had Thursday was absolutely terrible. We were able to pull it together though, and everything went smoothly.

Not much time for a long post, but I wanted to share the video for those of you who didn't get to see TJ and Choke's performance. It should be done uploading to Youtube sometime this morning, so check for it on my channel. I'll be able to watch the whole ridden competition because we don't have a demo until Sunday. I'll be sure to get video of that for everyone as well!

Mustang Pride 2009 - After our Friday performance. (Horses in red and blue wraps were adopted from local BLM adoptions, and the horses in white are last year's Mustang Challenge horses)


Tracey said...

Cool!!! That's exciting for TJ and Choke, but also for those of you who know them so well.

The Mustang Pride horses look great! I hope we can get something like that going up here before too long.

Kara said...

Hi Jessie!
My dad and I wandered past the mustang pride booth, and I think I saw you there when we walked past (but I chickened out on saying "hi" walking past the first time...I find it hard to meet new people). My dad and I walked outside, then I decided I was being stupid for being shy, and turned to go back to introduce myself, you but were gone! Shows me for being such a chicken. I wish I would have said "hi" on my first pass through. I got to see the Saturday night events. The mustangs looked great! They had some serious competition! Wish I could have stayed around for Sunday to watch the Mustang Pride demo.


Shannon said...

Hey Kara
I am another member of Mustang Pride, you should have just said "hi" anyone of us would have talked to you for hours(if you let us) and got you directed toward Jessie.
Do you have a Mustang?, and where are you from? we could include you on an email for information about upcoming events