Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just two more days until Saturday

...And that makes me happy.

Monday morning I went out to feed the horses and found Luna with a big gash on her face. I washed it off and it didn't look too deep, but it is still quite a mark. I have been keeping an eye on it because it's swollen. I gave her some penicillin tonight and hosed it off again, so hopefully by tomorrow some of the swelling will have gone down. If not, I'll have to call the vet. It figures, the day after I put a sale ad up for her she goes and wrecks her face!

Haven't gotten a whole lot of riding in, just about a half hour on Monday night with Remington. I joined Anytime Fitness, and I plan on working out 3 mornings a week and once on the weekend. So far so good. I'll be spending my lesson money on this gym membership though, so I won't get to do as many reining lessons. Probably once a month if I'm lucky. That's alright though, I know if I am in shape I will be a better rider, so it's worth it.

Well I hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone. Summer is just around the corner :-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain all weekend

What a lousy weekend. Luckily, I got plenty of ride time in during the week. I was able to ride almost every night after work. On Thursday I even got to go for a trail ride! A couple friends of mine picked up my horse for me and I met them after work at the trail head. It was a really nice ride. I had them bring my mare, Riskie. They said when they went to pick her up, all 3 mares were at the gate, but Remington was at the far end of the dry lot. Heh heh, he is probably thinking he doesn't want to step foot in another trailer for a while. Midwest Horse Fair is exhausting for everyone involved!

I did saddle him up and ride on Wednesday and Friday, though. He was pretty good, but for some reason still feels the need to get strong when we ride in the big arena. He only does this at home. I really don't mind it... it just puzzles me.

Friday night I was able to let the horses out on grass for about half an hour. I want to get them started on pasture since it's coming up so fast, but I have to introduce them slowly since there is nothing for them to nibble on in the dry lot. I was hoping to increase their time this weekend, but I knew it wouldn't happen with all the rain. Oh well... after tomorrow, we should get some dry weather.

Well, sorry for the boring post. I'll add a couple pictures from Midwest Horse Fair... maybe that will make it better?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The End of Another Horse Fair

I am pretty tired, so just a quick update to let you know how things went.

TJ ended up tied for 5th place, and he took Choke HOME! The adopter he had lined up decided she wasn't ready for a young horse, and it worked out well because TJ realized he was in love with his mustang! Such a happy ending :-)

Chase Dodd won the competition with his horse, Pat Summit. She is a beautiful black mare. He was also able to take her home. They had a great finals performance, and I agreed with Ken McNabb, who said Chase showed what his horse could do well and didn't need anything fancy to prove she was a nice horse. Since her flying changes weren't solid, Chase just asked for simple changes and they were beautiful. She stayed calm and collected the whole time, Chase did a great job and he definitely deserved the win.

The majority of the trainers took their horses home. I want to say that out of the 30 horses there, at least 20 went home with their trainers. The adoption prices were lower than last year, but all the horses were adopted.

After being a spectator, I've got the itch to train another one, we'll see what happens though...
I would need to find an adopter for sure if I were to do it again.

Our breed demo went well again today. We did some improvising at the end and we got to race around the arena. Rem had fun with that. He had a lot of pent up energy from being in a stall all weekend, so I'm sure it felt good to tear around in the coliseum. He handled the cheering and clapping really well. I was nervous coming into it, but now I know he can handle it without a fuss. He's such a good horse.

Well, this was supposed to be a short post because I'm beat, so I'll end it here! I've got some video and photos to get up, so stay tuned, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Choke and TJ are tied for FIRST PLACE!

How exciting is that? They had an awesome pattern!! Unfortunately I only got to see the first half of the trainers go through. We had our breed demo to get to. The demo actually went okay, I was really worried because the practice we had Thursday was absolutely terrible. We were able to pull it together though, and everything went smoothly.

Not much time for a long post, but I wanted to share the video for those of you who didn't get to see TJ and Choke's performance. It should be done uploading to Youtube sometime this morning, so check for it on my channel. I'll be able to watch the whole ridden competition because we don't have a demo until Sunday. I'll be sure to get video of that for everyone as well!

Mustang Pride 2009 - After our Friday performance. (Horses in red and blue wraps were adopted from local BLM adoptions, and the horses in white are last year's Mustang Challenge horses)

Monday, April 13, 2009

I will be okay...

Thanks for all the comments, emails and phone calls. I appreciate all the prayers and positive thoughts sent my way. Things will work out one way or another. My Grandma has a spare bedroom and enough room for my dogs too, if things don't work out between me and Joe. Only time will tell.

So until then, Rem is excellent at lending an ear to hear me out and a mane to dry my tears :-)

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Weekend

I had just about the worst weekend you can have. I don't see this week making things much better either. It started out well enough, I had Friday off so after the farrier came out I headed to my trainer's place for a lesson. It was really good and he told me it was time Remington learned to go in a shank bit, so we tried one out. Rem did really good in it, so one of the things I'd like to keep an eye out for at Midwest is a nice short-shanked, broken mouth piece bit.

Things went down hill from there... Friday night I found out that my boyfriend of almost 4 years has decided he is not happy here in Wisconsin, and he wants to move back to Texas where he is from. He knows I'm not willing to relocate. He isn't sure yet if he wants to go or not, but I have a bad feeling about this. I think he's a bit young for a mid-life crisis, but what do I know...

Saturday started off with a group lesson which went terribly. We rode outside in the big reining arena. Everyone was loping circles and I was so happy that Rem was staying on the path I set him on. I had him on a loose rein when he tripped and we both went down. My trainer went on to tell me repeatedly why it was my fault he went down because I didn't have him collected and in the bridle. I guess I know better now... The lesson didn't get much better after that. Everyone else in the group was preparing for an upcoming show. Rem isn't ready to show, so we were kind of just there, which bummed me out because I want to show him, but like I said, he isn't ready. It's hard when everyone you ride with has a trained reiner and here I am on my uncoordinated mustang. I'm starting to feel like we don't belong.

Then, it was on to practice for our Demo at Midwest Horse Fair. This was our final practice so we could run through it with music and get the timing down because we only have 1o minutes in the coliseum. Unfortunately not everyone showed up to practice. I guess I just shouldn't worry about it, but we haven't really run through it from start to finish once. I don't even know what's happening for the last 5 minutes. So... if you see our demo and it looks like we have no idea what's going on... it's because we don't.

Can you tell I'm cranky? It's 3:30 in the morning and I just can't sleep. I have so much to do before Thursday and I can't even think straight. I'm pretty stoked that my boyfriend decided to drop that bomb on me just before Horse Fair... I haven't been this upset since my dad died back in 2005. So, if you see me at Horse Fair and I'm crying... don't mind me, I'll be fine :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Do Weekends Go By So Fast???

It seems like my weekends are all just one big blur lately. Only 2 more weeks until the Midwest Horse Fair. I am pretty excited. This week I have Friday off and the following I only work Monday and Tuesday because I took a lot of vacation for the Horse Fair. It will be nice to have a break, but at the same time, the Horse Fair goes by quickly as well.

The mustang preview went really good! There was a pretty good turnout and Choke handled all her admirers with the grace of a seasoned show horse! She was quite a ham... yawning while TJ was talking :-) Several times we got to clap for her, and though she held her head a little higher, I am sure it was more to show off as opposed to being startled. I think she'll do just fine with the crowds at the Horse Fair.

She is coming along as well as she could be. TJ explained that he's taken things slow with her so as not to ruin her. She is probably a little younger than the BLM has her listed. Most likely she's a long 2 year old, instead of a 3 year old. She is also built very downhill, though she may level out, but it is a disadvantage for her. Being downhill makes things much harder, especially collection and using her hind end. Regardless of her faults and setbacks she is still a wonderful little horse and I can't wait to see her compete with TJ at the Horse Fair!!

I didn't have my camera with me, but I think Tracy got a few photos. I might be able to get her to send me some to share. I will for sure have my camera with me at Midwest. I am going to film TJ and Choke's in hand and ridden competition, as well as their Top 10 performance if they get that far. I have pretty good seats for the Saturday night show, so I'm excited!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mustang Preview

TJ and Tracy are putting on a mustang preview at The Farm tomorrow! It is from 11-3, and they're asking for a donation of $5. Bring your own lawn chair! There will be a food stand as well.

Come see what Choke's learned, just 2 weeks before the competition!!

Mustang Pride is also going to be doing a tent pegging demo!

The address is 9736 N. Serns Road, Milton WI. See you there!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last weekend was pretty lousy. It snowed on Saturday into Sunday morning, so practice for our Mustang demo was canceled. I didn't want to haul anywhere, but we had a lesson scheduled, so I rode my trainer's horse, Melvin. We did a refresher on rollbacks and then did some exercises to improve our spin. We did lots of sidepassing.

It was really fun to spin Melvin. He is very correct in his spin. Remington could learn a lot from him... But, that's the point I suppose, I learn what it feels like to ride a correct spin and then I can correct Rem and help him out more.

After the lesson I went out to the barn and rode Rem in the small arena. I thought he did really well. I rode him Monday and Tuesday as well. Today I decided to bring the camera out because even though I think he feels okay, I am still not 100% sure where his feet are at all times. I need to get better at knowing that. After reviewing the video, I realized he is moving his butt just as much as he is moving his front end when we spin to the right. He also hasn't got the cross over down yet.

To the left he is much better, but things still aren't as smooth as they could be. I am okay with where we are to the left though. I took a break from working on the spin in December and am just now coming back to it. You can see in the video he is still moving too much, as we start in one place and end up in another. You can also see him really trying to get the correct foot fall, but it's not quite fluid enough yet. He looks a little dizzy at the end... That was our good way, I'm not even going to show what we look like to the right!!

Anyway, plenty of room for improvement. I'm trying not to get frustrated because this is a time consuming process, especially for a horse who wasn't bred to do this sort of thing, and a girl who doesn't know exactly what she's doing...