Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry to Disappoint

So, I thought I would have an update with video and photos, but alas, I do not. You see, it was cold and rainy on Sunday, and I was tired. We did get our demo somewhat figured out for Midwest Horse Fair, but we've still got a few things to work out. Rem was quite lazy, but he did not lay down! Yay! Aubrey came along too, but she had to fill in for someone who couldn't be at practice, so she was participating, no time to take pics or videos...

TJ did bring Choke out at the end of practice. The first thing he showed everyone was how easy she lays down for him. I was surprised at how calm she was around so many new horses. She didn't bat an eye. She's such a good girl. Her coat is amazing, too! I wish I had started blanketing Rem in January, maybe he'd have a nice coat by now... but no, I'll be stuck riding a Yak for the horse fair. Oh well, he's my Yak and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

The good news is that this weekend is shaping up to be a little nicer than last, at least there's no rain in the forecast. I'm hoping it stays that way! I am headed down to Chicago, bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up Joe from the airport. He's in Texas this week for a family reunion. I'm hoping to ride in the afternoon, but I'll probably need a nap first! Then, I have a group reining lesson at 8a.m. on Sunday, followed by practice at 11. Rem, once again, will not be happy with me. It's good for him, right? I'll just tell myself that, and then I won't feel so bad. I wish I could ride him during the week, but the ground hasn't been good enough, and the small arena just isn't enough room to make riding worthwhile. It's good for starting colts, but beyond that there isn't much you can do in a 36 by 36 area. So I'm limited to hauling to indoor arenas... *sigh*

Lots of rambling in this post... I don't normally do that! Oh! And! I was tagged by Tracey of Mustang Diaries a while back... Here are the rules!

The game is this: Find the 6th folder and then the 6th photo from that folder in your files and post it.

Surprise! Or not.... A picture of Remington! Looking very un-yak-like. How nice.

Now, since Tracey has tagged several of the victims I would have chosen I'm just going to tag one person... And that is Jennifer from How Did This Happen?, she likes to tag me, so it's only fair!

I also found this photo, which I took to show the size of the UNFINISHED painting that I started for Pattie.

I AM going to have it finished by Horse Fair so I can give it to her then. I was also thinking about doing a pastel drawing to see which one I like better, painting has never been my favorite, and I'm noticing some things on this one that are starting to bug me. I'm thinking it's the angle that this photo was taken at, but his head is looking rather small... we all know mustangs have HUGE heads :-) I really do prefer chalk pastels, great time to change my mind, huh?


Jennifer said...

You're a stinker~ :)

Nah, it's all good.. Thanks, hon. I'll get after this sometime this morning.

-Jenn & boys

Tracey said...

Well, it's about TIME you coughed up a photo, lol! And Rem looks great, btw. Do you miss that summer coat? I know I miss Sandy's! Darling rode bareback yesterday and walked away harrier than he is, lol...

That painting looks fantastic, Jess, you're just being to critical of yourself. I'd go with it; Patti will love it.

Callie said...

Look at handsome,Rem! Such a beautiful painting, great job!