Monday, March 2, 2009

BAD pony!

So, remember what I said in my last post? About REALLY getting after Remington if he decided to lay down again?... I couldn't do it. Haha, he was sooo tired. I subjected him to a practice for the Midwest Horse Fair breed demo, followed by a group reining lesson. All in one day! So... when he went down, I just let him take a nap. Is that bad?? I think it is... Jelaine had her camera handy so she snapped a picture.

When he woke up from his nap he was ready to get back to work. We are continuing on with going forward, straight and stopping. He is really getting good, and all this work on straight lines is great for tent pegging! He is pretty awesome at that too! We've got it good at the trot and we're just starting to canter. He goes straight for me the whole way through with a good stop at the end.

Next week Aubrey will be home from vet school for Spring break. Hopefully she'll agree to take some video of Remington's mad skills as a tent pegging horse :-)

Choke is doing VERY well I hear. I don't have a lesson after the Mustang demo practice next week so I should be able to get some photos and video of TJ and Choke. She is doing a few tricks I hear, and even laying down... of course I'm sure she's laying down on command, unlike a certain mustang I know...

I got another award from Jennifer that I need to do a post on, but right now I am having a hard time thinking of 10 interesting things about me... I will have to ponder a while longer before I fully accept the award.


Pony Girl said...

Oh that is TOO funny! My horse would never do that, he'd be too freaked out. Being on the ground is very vulnerable for a horse, I think. Remie really trusts you! ;)

nikki said...

Hahha! I love that picture!!! I like how the people are straining to see what's going on and the look on that palominos face like he's trying to think of a way he can get away with doing that!

Tracey said...


Yes, that was bad. Yes, yes, yes!

(Wanders off, shaking her head...)

Callie said...

You mean, he just decides to nap laying down while you're on him? OMG! That would a hilarious video!And I agree with Tracey, bad, bad, bad....but humorous!