Monday, February 16, 2009

Video From Last Week

I didn't make it out the the Farm this weekend to get an update on TJ and Choke, but I've finally got the video from last week in order. It's my understanding though, that Choke is progressing well. She may even have a few tricks up her sleeve by the time Horse Fair rolls around!

We are supposed to get lots of snow this week, which is a bummer because we are supposed to start practicing for the Midwest Horse Fair demo every Sunday. Practices involve trailering over to Tracy's indoor arena, and it's really a pain to haul with snow on the roads. Not to mention, digging out the trailer!! This little bit of an early Spring was such a tease, but I was thankful for it.

Yesterday I got to take a reining lesson on Rem. My riding instructor has agreed to do some group lessons every other Sunday. So far we've had 2 and they are great! I am very interested in learning more about reining but I've had my doubts about the sport and some of the things that I've seen. I am going in with an open mind though, and I'm learning so much.

Our first lesson was on stopping, which involved fencing. The first time I saw fencing, at a NRHA show, I was a little disturbed. It just looked like a bunch of crazy trainers running their horses full out into the fence, and using the fence to stop them. Doing a lesson on it and learning how to properly fence was an eye opener. I am still under the impression that it can be misused, but I suppose any training practice can be done wrong.

Today we continued with working on our stops. One of the things I was having trouble with, was remembering to exhale right before asking for the stop. Every time I remembered to exhale, Rem's stop was much better than if I had gone straight to turning my toes out and picking up on the bit. I am learning so much about actually finishing a horse. I have always enjoyed starting colts, but I am unsure how to continue on in the training once I have the basics down. I have a habit of not using enough rein. I am afraid of being heavy handed, so I don't give enough support with my hands. I am trying to break that habit though, and I think it's working. I've already seen improvement in Remington, after only 2 lessons! Oh, and mid way through the lesson Remington pulled the laying down thing again. Grrr.... How embarassing!! Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse... at least he didn't buck me off, right? I am going to have to really get after him if he does it again.


nikki said...

What a cute mustang! He's doing awesome with her- I wonder what kind of tricks he's going to have at the show!? Are they going to be at the WI horse show in April? I'm hoping I have that weekend off so I can go to the show and take lots of pictures!!!

That's so funny with Remington. What a lazy bones! :)

Jessie said...

Hi Nikki!

Yes, they'll be at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison. I hope you can get the weekend off too! It's a lot of fun, but very exhausting. So much to see and do, plus all the shopping a horse addict could ask for...

Jennifer said...

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Cheryl Ann said...

She's very pretty! I enjoyed watching the video!