Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Good Weekend

First of all, TJ and Choke are doing great! I'm still working on getting a video together, but here is a photo to hold you over...

They took their first ride outside today. Choke was a good girl, she went up the hill and back with only a slight bit of hesitation. Not bad for the first time outside an arena since becoming "domestic".

She's continuing on in the basics. She's getting good at lateral movement from the ground and in the saddle. She yields her shoulders and hindquarters well, though better to the left than the right. She is just beginning to canter (without relying on the confines of a roundpen) under saddle. She picks up her leads just fine!

TJ said she can get a little hot at moments, but he plans to use that to his advantage. There may be cattle in her future... Over all though, she is already a pretty solid little mare, or at least TJ makes her look that way!

Remington tagged along today as well! We started work on Tent Pegging, which is quite a bit of fun, but very tiring for an out-of-shape mustang. In fact, Rem was so tired, he decided to lay down at the end of our lesson, while I was still on top... darn mustang. I got off but made him get right back up, there will be no rolling with the saddle on!!! So, I took the saddle off and let him have a go in the sand. He must have rolled back and forth 10 times before he finally got up.

Keep an eye out for the video, I'll get it posted here as soon as I can!


Pony Girl said...

Great photo! Choke is beautiful. Who is that following along behind?
Silly Rem, trying to roll with a saddle on! ;) I guess all that winter hair makes a warm horse itchy for a roll, eh?

Rising Rainbow said...

I had to laugh at the thought of Remington trying to roll with you atop. Poor Rem hasn't figured out some of his new social skills that involve carrying riders. LOL

Callie said...

Great progress! Goofy Rem! I hate when that happens! LOL

Jessie said...

Pony Girl, the person following behind was a boarder out at the farm. There are about 40 boarders where Choke resides!

MiKael, it was quite a sight, and it happened so fast I didn't even have time to stop him!!

Callie, has it happened to you? Haha I have seen it happen on trails before when we come to a nice sandy spot.