Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Solid

That's what my stock tank was this morning :-(

The heater must have decided to quit. So, this morning was spent installing another heater in the empty stock tank we were using as a feeder, and then filling it with, not a hose, but buckets of water! YAY! *sigh*

According to my car the temperature this morning was
-22... We are supposed to reach 20 above by tomorrow, I can't wait!!!

I will probably be out to see Choke on Saturday or Sunday, so I'll be sure to post an update.

Stay warm fellow Wisconsinites, and for those of you enjoying warm weather, try and send some our way!


PalyReiner said...

Our heated automatic waterer was frozen yesterday and today too, so I know how you feel!

Is it spring yet?

Andrea said...

That weather is awful! It's been a few years since I've had to deal with that kind of cold. Is that normal for where you live?

I'm sending warm and sunny thoughts your way!

Tracey said...

Ack! No fun. Mine died out in the middle of our cold snap, too, and I found myself packing buckets.

Here's to an early spring! Two of my horses are beginning to shed :)

Jessie said...

PalyReiner, that must be the worst! I hate dealing with water/hoses/pumps in the winter. My gloves were iced over by the time I was done.

Andrea, thanks for the warm thoughts! It is quite normal, at least for a few days of the year to be in the negatives. I am hoping we don't see it again until next year.

Tracey, my horses won't start shedding until the end of March, you are so lucky!!

froglander said...

I hope it warms up soon! Filling a tank by buckets sounds like no fun at all. I guess I was lucky during our bit of cold weather that I only had one horse to haul water for. And stop by my blog, I've got a little something for you :)

PalyReiner said...

It is warm today! 23.5 right now! Yay!

I feel like spreading cheer, go look at my mustang blog :)