Sunday, January 25, 2009

Choke update: End of Week 2

Yesterday, I went out to watch TJ work Choke. First, TJ showed me the work they'd been doing with the pedestal. The one he's working with is pretty small, so it takes some patience to get a horse to put all four feet on at once. Choke did get it though. She will even back off of it once she is on. Trailer loading is going to be a breeze for her.

After that they went into the round pen to do some longeing. TJ saddled Choke up and sent her out. She was feeling good and threw in some bucks, though they were nothing serious. It was cute to see her playing.

Next, TJ decided to introduce choke to the bridle. He uses the same bit that I use on Rem, a single jointed, pinchless snaffle bit. I couldn't believe how easily Choke accepted the bit. They did some ground work first, and worked on lateral movements. TJ had her yielding her shoulder and hip well. She is a little better on one side than the other, but most horses are one-sided.

TJ then hopped up and rode around. Choke is a natural. She already carries her head on the vertical and rarely tosses it. Normally horses have no idea what to do the first time they carry a bit, so they try what they can to evade it and get rid of it. You'll see in the video how Choke just accepts it. I suppose TJ deserves some credit, but this little mare just learns so fast!! ;-) In the video you'll see her struggle a little when TJ asks her to back, but once she figures it out she just does it so easily.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Choke & TJ!! Thanks Jessie!!!

Anonymous said...

great doing a marvelous job must be a good horseman

Jessie said...

They are looking good, aren't they?

TJ is a very good horseman, I'm glad I get the opportunity to watch him work, I've learned a lot just in the few times I've seen him.

Hollow Creek Farm said...

TJ never ceases to amaze me - even after close to 20 years! What a good little girl Choke is and thanks you for posting this video. Great choice of music, too! :-)

Shannon S. said...

thanks for the updates you'll have to tell TJ that Dakota has already started tent pegging. Mom had an extention pole for changing light bulbs that he used. He was picking up pieces of cardboard with a hole in them at a canter on a circle. He can't wait for the first practice!!