Sunday, January 18, 2009

Choke - Day 4

Got out to see Choke, TJ, and Tracy today. This was Choke's 4th day being worked. TJ didn't get out to work her during the cold spell, so she got some time off after her 3rd day of training.

Choke is doing really well. She was pretty upset that she had to leaver her stall neighbor to come to the arena and work, but she got over it quickly. Once TJ put her to work she forgot all about her friend. Check out the video below to see how far she's come!

Tracy worked with Socks a little too. Socks was content hanging out just watching Choke, but she had to work too. She's going to make a great performer! Both Socks and Remington will be at the Midwest Horse Fair again. This time they will be performing in the Mustang breed demonstration.

Tracy and Socks, watching TJ and Choke

Learning lots!

Socks showing Choke how it's done.

Choke has a new haircut!


Pony Girl said...

Great progress! I love Choke's new do, did she get a roach? It must be easier to start over with unruly manes? I sure wish I could watch mustangs perform someday. I'll have to check out options in my area.

Jessie said...

Choke did get her mane roached! She looks much cuter now, in my opinion.

I hope you get a chance to see them as well. It's quite inspiring!

Hollow Creek Farm said...

Fabulous! Keep posting photos and more videos as progress continues! Thanks so much for making it possible for all of us to keep track of T.J. and Choke.

Nancy said...

They are doing so GOOD! Keep writing Jess.

ell said...

Where do you get the giant soccer ball? I must have one. Do you do cowboy Races (or versatility challenges in Wisconsin? We're starting a round of them here in Maine for 2009. Some of the training aids remind me of some of the obsticles I've seen used.