Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been a while...

I haven't blogged for 10 days! That seems like a long time. My blogs aren't any fun without photos though, and since Aubrey has been away for the past week, I've had no photographer! At least not for riding photos. Good news is, she is back, so new photos will be on their way soon.

Next weekend I am going to introduce Rem to CATTLE!! My uncle is going to be steer-sitting for a week, so I'm going to bring Rem over and introduce him to the horned beasts. I will be sure to get photos and video.

I have only ridden Remington once since he had his teeth fixed, and I feel like there was some improvement! He did still mouth the bit, but no head tossing. I think his mouthing may just be habit now, and should get better with time, now that there are no teeth to bother him. I also got Aubrey to ride him so I could sit back and watch. It's always nice to see your horse go under someone else. Gives you a chance to see what needs work, and what's good! Rem needs to be more consistent in his gaits, one minute he is doing a working trot and the next he's just jogging around like a peanut roller, I am probably no help there though. Aubrey was watching and telling me when I started to lean forward and as soon as I would lean back Rem would relax down into a nice jog.

I would like to get his gaits consistent for the open 4-H show that I attend every year. It would be fun to take him in a few classes. I have until June 28th to prepare. I really didn't bother much with a lot of rail work when I was training Rem. It was mostly desensitizing, obstacles, and patterns. Looking back, he would have benefited from more rail work, but I really didn't have much of an arena to work with. Now that I can work outside though, it's time to put Rem to work again.

A few of you have asked about my filly, and she is for sale to the right home. For those interested, she is a 2 year old Appaloosa. She is a few spot leopard, mostly white with black points. I think right now she stands about 14.2 but her butt is considerably taller. I haven't started her under saddle because I don't like to start 2 year olds, and she is still pretty small. She has all the ground work done though. She is a very calm little filly, which is why I can stand to part with her, I know whoever buys her will love her. But, if the right person doesn't come along, I will just continue affording 3 horses (because I'm CRAZY!) and going without a few things that I probably don't need anyway :-)

Up For Intrigue "Luna"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trainer Photo

Look what I found on the BLM website!! I had to steal it and post it here for you all to see... now I wonder how I can get my hands on a high resolution copy...


Last Thursday the vet came out to remove Remington's wolf teeth. I had a vet check them in February before I ever put a bit in his mouth, and he had told me that unless they cause a problem, they don't need to be removed. Rem never did seem to settle with the bit, so I decided it was time to get them removed just in case that's why he chews and tosses his head. I am giving his mouth a week to heal, so Thursday I will try him out with the bit again.

I wish I had brought my camera. Remington is pretty goofy looking while sedated. I couldn't stop laughing at him. I wish they could sedate me when I go to the dentist... It would make things much more pleasant.

Before he removed the wolf teeth, he took off some points and removed a cap. I asked him if Rem really was a three year old, as the BLM just takes a good guess when they're captured because you can't really look a wild horse in the mouth, and indeed, it appears he is a true three year old. I sure hope he doesn't grow too much taller... I'll need a ladder to get up on him! I prefer horses that are barely horses. Meaning one inch above pony height... 14.3 hands! I think Remington is about 15 now, so that is acceptable, but he should just stop right there...

The horse I learned to ride on was 15.3 though, so I suppose I could get used to a bigger horse again.

I haven't found much time to paint this week so it's going slow. I've only worked on the background.

Here are some photos of the painting and Rem's teeth. There is still some blood and tissue on the teeth, so if that grosses you out, don't scroll down! :-)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nuzzling Muzzles was kind enough to pass on the 'I heart your blog' award to me! Of course the best part about these awards is not receiving them, but passing them along.
I will start with the Mustang Diaries. Tracey always has wonderful photos and entertaining posts. She was quite an inspiration for me to start my own blog! I lurked around her place for quite some time because she seemed to have so much info on the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

Next I will have to pass it along to Mikey because she keeps me laughing. If I am having a bad day, I can usually count on her posts to put a smile back on my face.

And my final award recipient is Callie from MidwestHorse. I always look forward to her posts, and they've often inspired my own entries. Not to mention, Callie's great in person as well. We were able to meet at the Midwest Horse Fair!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An update on the REAL Remington!

So what has Remington been up to these days? Mostly enjoying the good life. All that time off seems to have gone to his head though. The last few times I've thrown a saddle on, he's decided to throw in a few bucks! Silly horse... but I haven't been working on much of anything with him. Just letting him relax and be a horse. Today I saddled him up for a quick ride, but the outdoor arena was occupied by the mowing crew, so we rode in the indoor.

The mowing crew! Also known as Luna and Riskie! Chocolate and Belle were out as well. They'll have that arena mowed in no time, that is if they'd stop horsing around and get to business...

Remington, standing nicely to be saddled after the previous days discussion on the subject...

Some longeing to get the bucks out, although there were none today.

Boring arena riding... at least that's what Rem thinks of it.

And after all that hard work, Remington makes a good couch! Check out the white spot on his belly, I just noticed it a few weeks ago when his summer hair started coming in. I may have 3 Appaloosas after all :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Layer 6

I had a pretty busy weekend, so tonight was the first chance I got to paint.

The painting is coming along good, I am happy with where it's going and feel like I will be able to have it finished within the next 2 weeks. I still have at least 3 more layers to go on the horse alone, but the background could probably be completed with just 1 layer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another layer and some fun with the Aussies...

Here is layer #5. It's coming along good, but I still can't be sure of when it will be finished. I am hoping to send it down to Texas before May 30th.

The Aussies are learning some basic agility obstacles just for fun. I am not interested in competing with them, but it is great exercise for the boys.

I think Caper mis-judged the size of this jump...

A small teeter-totter for such a big Aussie! Usually all four paws aren't on it at the same time...

The tunnel seems to be Caper's favorite!

Aubrey is taking on the task of teaching Cinch the obstacles.

Here is Chocolate and Aubrey, showing off Cocoa's new trick! Chocolate thinks bowing in the
grass is much more purposeful than bowing in a sand-covered arena!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Layer 4

After being in Arkansas all weekend, visiting family, I finally got a chance to work on my painting tonight. Didn't do much with it, just added to the background and another layer on the body. I'm not real sure what I want to do with the background, but I am leaning towards a very abstract look. Right now it is mostly just using up the left over paint, because I don't like to leave it sitting on my palette, that's very wasteful. May as well throw it on the painting, it adds texture at least.
Anyway, as I was saying, I am leaning towards an abstract background and this artist has inspired the idea...

I really love his work. Click on the link and take a look around his gallery if you are interested. He does great western scenes. "Shooter on a paint" being my personal favorite.

Hopefully I'll be able to paint every night this week, so check back soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I've been up to...

Mostly relaxing... it's pretty nice to take a break from training for a little while. Rem has had some time off, and aside from our slight set back the other day (which I'd rather not discuss at the moment) he is settling in to domestic life just fine. He has learned that the white tape surrounding his paddock bites back when bitten and steers clear of the nasty stuff now.

Right now I am working on a painting that I'd like to do for Patti at the Mustang Heritage Foundation. I figure I owe her considering she bought my horse :-) My plan is to send it down to her and tell her she can keep it or put it up for auction at the Fort Worth Mustang Makeover and donate whatever it goes for to the MHF.

I figured I'd take pictures along the way so you can all follow along in the progress... kind of like Remington's training. I am not even 1/4 of the way finished so bear with me, it starts out looking rough, but the end product will be great.

30 by 40 canvas - Charcoal drawing

Layer 1 - laying down colors

Layer 2 (face only)

Layer 3 - another layer on the face and neck

Layer 3 - detail

My camera wasn't cooperating tonight, so these photos of the 3rd layer aren't the best. The paint was still a little wet so I tried to take them at an angle so as not to catch a glare, but it didn't really work on the detail photo. I've still got several layers to go so I'll keep taking photos for you!