Friday, August 29, 2008

Luna, the Escape Artist

I've mentioned before that Luna is quite the escape artist, but she's taken it to yet another level.

It started last year, in the fall when Belle first arrived. I kept Belle and Luna separate from the older mares for the first few weeks in order to let them get used to each other. (Chocolate and Riskie aren't real nice to newcomers) So, Belle and Luna were in the "training" pen which is 3 strands of electric tape inside the side pasture of 4 strands of flex fence. Luna did not like the confines of the tape and repeatedly wound up on the other side of it. I have still never seen her escape, I just find her in places she's not supposed to be. I don't know if she jumped it, or rolled under it, but the fence was never down, and she never had a scratch on her. I got sick of rearranging the fence (making the strands lower and higher) and finally just put her in the dry-lot with the old mares, which is the flex fence, 4 strands, around 5 feet high. That solved the problem and she stayed in the fence just fine all winter long.

This spring, when we started to let everyone out on the back pasture (3 strands of electric braid) I figured she'd have no problem staying in the fence. After all, Risk and Chocolate won't escape and why would Luna want to leave them and 4 acres of lush, green grass? Well, your guess is as good as mine. She did leave and wound up in the barn... Aubrey found her making a mess in the aisle. That was the day she went to live with Remington...

Problem solved, right? Remington is only allowed in the 5 foot high flex fence... So the other day I decided to let Rem and Luna out in the front arena to graze all day. That's probably an acre or more of nice grass. You could imagine my surprise when I got a voicemail from Aubrey's brother asking if Luna was supposed to be outside the fence... Nope... *sigh* Luckily she doesn't go far I guess, but why does she do it in the first place? She must live by that saying, "The grass is always greener..." I got the idea that she jumped the fence, but didn't clear it because the top strand is loose. So, now that she has gotten out of every type of fence on the property I'm out of ideas. I'll just consider myself lucky that these pastures are far from the road, and none of the other horses are keen on following her lead.

Anyway, here's a short little clip of the old mares coming in from a long day out on the pasture. I wanted to bring my camera with because lately they've been galloping in from way out and it's so fun to watch, but they decided not to humor me seeing as I had my camera...

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am still miserable with allergies, but I'll do my best to enjoy the 3 day weekend.


Callie said...

My pony used to escape everything! And Misty mare had a few turns at it as well. I finally used a non-climb horse fence with capped t-posts and electric braid at the top on the side they used to escape from. Haven't had any problems since!

Katee said...

We had an escape artist when I was growing up. He was a tall Arab/Saddlebred who clearly had dreams of being a Grand Prix jumper.

He jumped out of his pasture all the time--almost daily. He'd jump back in, too when he saw somebody coming home! It wasn't a big deal for us since my family lives way out in the MN countryside, but when we sent him to the Twin Cities for professional training they ended up having to send him back because they didn't have a fence that would hold him!

We used him as a trail horse his entire life. In hindsight, we really should have sold him to some nice person who would have used him as a jumper. Probably would have been a much more fulfilling life!