Saturday, June 28, 2008

Open 4-H Horse Show

Today was a great day for a horse show... except for the short thunderstorm, but we had already gotten our horses home by the time that rolled through.

We got to the fair grounds at about 7:00 as the show started at 8 and I wanted to enter the first class, western type at halter. I chose to take Rem in a halter class just to get some exposure and so there was no pressure on me to do any performing (like there would be in a showmanship class). I figured I'd be less upset if he danced around during a class where it seems manners don't play much of a role. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he performed like a veteran. Showing outside is a piece of cake compared to showing in a coliseum full of 8,000 people!

I took my mare in showmanship, and we did okay. It was my own fault that we didn't place higher because I screwed up my boxes in Sr. Showmanship, and then in Open Showmanship, our back was very crooked, and I almost forgot to do it all together. So... we ended up placing 5th in Sr. out of 7, and 5th in Open out of 10-12, not real sure how many there were in that one.
Trail class went well for both horses. Riskie did really well considering I rode her in a curb bit, and she really hasn't worn one for more than a few rides. I placed 2nd with her. Remington did great as well, but I didn't do a few of the loping and trotting sequences because I just didn't want to push him. He placed 6th in Sr. Trail. The class had a total of 8 participants.

I was also surprised to see a mustang I recognized! Josie, trained by Dena Plendl made an appearance at the show with her new owner. They did English type at halter and placed 6th. She was also in my Sr. Showmanship classed where she placed 6th as well.

Here are a few photos from today!

Chocolate, Aubrey, me and Riskie

Me and Rem before halter class. Yes, I showed him in the rope halter,
and I didn't wear a hat either!

Risk and I warming up for Egg and Spoon. We placed 6th in that class. She has the
smoothest trot, but we always lose it at the lope...

And here is Josie! I recognized her unusual face marking before I saw
her double brand. She is a very memorable horse, that's for sure!

I will have video to share once it uploads on Youtube... It seems to be taking longer than normal tonight.


jesterjigger said...

Congrats on the placings! Riskie is gorgeous, I love the picture of you guys warming up for egg and spoon.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you did well at the show.

Video has been loading slowly for me too.

Callie said...

Good job! Aww, Rem and you did great (bottom video) right?

Shannon & Dakota said...

The "crazy" wild mustangs seemed to fair pretty well there yesterday. Dakota & Joey got 6th in Pony showmanship, He was the only one in the Pony riding classes (thanks Aubs-could have given him some competition) they took first in Jr.Jr pleasure, second in Jr.Jr Horsemanship and fifth in Trail. Not a bad showing for the crowd!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It was good seeing all those activities you have to do for a trail class. I don't get to see those types of classes very often at the shows I go to.

Pony Girl said...

What a fun day at the show! Sounds like you got some more experience under Rem's cinch, so to speak! :)Risk is gorgeous, what is her breeding?
Also, why the double brand on Josie, what does that mean?

Eric Clayton said...

Wow. Don't think I have ever seen a double brand before! Interesting.