Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yep, you read right, I was outbid. But, more on that later, first let's talk about the competition!

1st place went to Jazz and Suzanne Myers!! They did a great job and were the most consistent pair throughout the entire competition. Jazz also went home with Suzanne for $5,000.

2nd place went to Travis Dittmer from Texas and his gelding, Elko Sage. He sold for $1,700.

3rd place was Dave Robart and his mare, Carolina. She sold for $2,000.

4th place belonged to Dan Grunewald and Trust. She sold for $7,000 back to Dan.

Those are the placings I know for sure, but I'm not sure how everyone else stands in the top 10, but here they are and what their horses sold for.

Danee Rudy was able to buy her gelding, Rave, back for $2,000.
Lalo Govea's horse, Elvis, sold for $9,000. Lalo also got the professional trainer sportsmanship award.
Rachel Gullickson's, Guardian, sold for $2,900.
Firecracker, trained by Glenn Cyphers sold for $2,000.
Ryan Rose sold his horse Vegas for $1,300.
Finally, Jumper, trained by Cody Keller sold for $2,700.

Lots of trainers were able to bring their horses home, including Tracy Porter, who was able to bid $2,000 to take back her little mare.

I will be posting a highlight video of the top 10 when I get a chance to put it together. I wasn't able to film everyone, but I did get a couple performances.

The horse course will be up on youtube soon, so watch for it. Rem was really good, and if he didn't have such a nervous rider I know he could have performed better. He picked up the wrong lead a few times, and he was tossing his head a lot, but he did try for me. I was shaking by the time I made it into our freestyle time, so I just decided I had had enough. Rem wasn't a fan of that coliseum either. So, instead of wasting more time trying to get a nervous horse to do things I just bowed out and headed for the gate.

So I am sure you are all wondering, if I was outbid, then who took Remington home?

Well I was crying even before we made it into the arena, I just couldn't comprehend the notion of having to give up my horse. It was so hard, and as I sat on my horse crying my eyes out, Weslie Elliot announced that I had won the amateur trainer sportsmanship award, (thank you to all the trainers who voted for me!) so that gave me an extra $500 to put towards Remington. So that made $1,000 to bring my horse home. I was STILL hysterical as the bidding started, and as it climbed. To $1,000 then $1200. Aubrey still had it at $1400, but as it rose to $1500 she gave it up.

She gave it up to the Colbert Ranch (also headquarters of the Mustang Heritage Foundation)!! That's right!! Patti Colbert sent Remington HOME WITH ME!!!! Not only did they buy Rem for me, but they sent Nash home with Jessi Schmitt as well!! It truly was a dream come true, I couldn't believe it. I still feel like I'm going to wake up at any moment and it won't be real anymore.

Over all I think they raised about $90,000 for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. It was a great success. Like I said, I'll get some video up of the top 10 as soon as I get a chance, but right now I need some sleep!!


bryn said...

Crying crying crying . . . tears of joy for you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have shared with us!

All that is left for many of us is to shake your hand and touch YOUR NEW HORSE!!!!!!!!!!

God bless!

Kathy M said...

I am SO happy for you!! I know just how your friends felt as we were bidding for Angi last year.
Freedom looked like a million bucks and wanted to play, but she was sure she was going to have to say goodbye.

We were all sobbing in the stands, and when the bidding ended and she laid her face into his neck she had strangers crying.

Patty and Westlie are both so wonderful! Kali and all the folks at the MHF too!

It's amazing how many lives this little idea of theirs has touched.

It was a blessing to be in Texas last year, and have a change to see so many mustang lovers and new converts all under one roof!

I think they may have to plan some reunions/retreats where some of you all can get together and play ;D

Of course I think they just want you to keep competing ;D

Pony Girl said...

Oh goodness, I'm such a wuss, I'm totally crying!! That is SO cool you get to keep Rem!! Are you going to keep writing about your adventures? Are you going to train another Mustang for the challenge? Congrats on the award, too!!

Anonymous said...


I am a Deputy Sheriff in Texas and I am assigned to investigate cruelty to animal cases. One of the guys I work with got me turned onto Mustangs and I have been reading your blog since day one.

I have been checking all night to see what happened. I am sitting here crying my eyes out. My wife just does not understand.

Travis trained my three year old but he impelled himself on a T Post. I am glad be got second.

Keep us posted on Remington's progress.

Tracey said...



I'm going to call City Boy right now. He was feeling so blue for you today and wished he'd sent you money and that he'd be kicking himself if you didn't get Rem back.

Big Hugs to you, girl!!!!

nikki said...

Yey!!!! I'm so happy to hear that you got to take Remington home!!! I had my fingers crossed for you. Will you keep this website and keep adding updates? I've loved following along and just wanted to say Congrats!!!! :D

ell said...

YIPPEE! I read todays story to my husband and got so emotional I lost my voice and got razed about needing a towel. What a very excellent thing for them to do for you! can't wait to hear about your next plans for Remington.

Callie said...

OH MY GOD! that is sooooooooo wonderful! When Steve and I were lookin' for you we talked to those folks. They must have the world's biggest hearts!!!! Congratulations!I'm almost jumping up and down for you girls!

Beth said...

Oh yeah!!!! I am so glad that you got to keep Rem!!!! Do you still have to sell your filly.

That is incredible that they bought your horses for you. do you still get the 20% commission then?

Katee said...

Jessie--I can't believe I never found you in Madison. Well, maybe I can believe it since there were just so many people.

I thought he and Rem did great on Saturday. We could see him trying for you all the way up in the stands. We couldn't see you shaking at all. In fact, you looked like you had everything under control. Way to go!

They bought the horse back for you? That's awesome! So are you going to bring him up to Eau Claire in two weeks for the BLM adoption there? I'll be there as a volunteer and it would be great to have a nicely trained mustang around to show off how wonderfully touchable and trainable these horses are.

Nancy said...

I am so happy for you, as I wipe the tears away.I all ready knew you got him back from Have fun with Rem and keep updating us, you have a following. Nancy

haffiegirl said...

Yeah!!! I am soooo happy for you! I was nervous to actually look at your blog this morning, because I was worried you got outbid.

But everything turned out great! If you got that far with him in such a short time, imagine what you can do over the next 20-30 years!

Bipster2 said...

You had me in tears of sadness and then tears of JOY!! I am soooo happy for you. Please keep up with your blog I look forward to seeing how he progresses with time with you. You should be proud of yourself!! Good Luck with him. We will be following. Bipster & HorsegrlKayla.

jtjedi said...

YAY Jessie!!

Congrats on getting to keep Rem! I KNOW how hard it is to think of letting them go! I was in a panic thinking I was going to lose Patriot!

That course looked hard!! Could they give you just a little LESS space for loping!! I better get my act together on Monty and get those walk/canter departs dialed in!!

Congrats to you. Hugs to Rem!

Jamie Thomas
2007 EMM trainer
2008 Western States trainer

nativetxan said...

WOOT!!!!! You scared me at first, Jess! SO GLAD Remy is home with you. Congratulations on the award, congratulations on doing such a GREAT job, and congratulations on having Remy at home!! Guess you know this means you have to keep blogging about Remy for all of us now!!! We love him and you too!!! I am thrilled!

shannon said...

CONGRATS!!! You and Schmidt had me in tears yesterday, and I read your blog today and almost started crying again!!